9 Easy Zebra Craft Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers

A lot of people make zebra craft at their home so that they can decorate their home, also you can sell, as zebra is has black and white stripes and is liked by a lot of people to keep it their house as a show piece.

Best And Easy Zebra Craft Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers:

Here are some top 9 zebra crafts for toddlers and preschoolers which you will surely like,

1. Zebra Mask:

Zebra Mask

Hey Halloween is approaching so why not be a zebra, do one thing take a paper sheet color it with some white and black stripes, then make eyes in them, and you get a zebra mask craft.

2. Zebra Finger Puppet Craft:

Zebra Finger Puppet Craft

One good zebra craft idea is the hand sculpture of zebra you can just make a zebra then, make holes in it, so that your fingers go in it and you can play thumb fighting with it, to make look more attractive.

3. Zebra Card:

Zebra Card

Hey, your kid can easily make a zebra card just have to write Z letter and paint or color it blacks and white then a beautiful card is ready these are best the zebra crafts for preschoolers. When given any activity, your child can easily make it.

4. Zebra Paper Plate:

Zebra Paper Plate

Okay so it’s your kid birthday and you want to serve the food in a different way, all you can do you color the plate black and white and make a zebra face on it, and you get a zebra paper plate craft.

5. Match Box Zebra:

Match Box Zebra Craft

So with a matchbox, you can make this craft all you need to do is assemble them in shape of animal, then color it black and white stripes, make a face and your zebra toy is ready, this is good zebra craft for kids.

6. Paper Zebra:

Paper Zebra Craft

One great zebra handprint craft can be made by taking a sheet of paper then folding it in shape of an animal and coloring it in zebra color; you can keep in your child room as a showpiece.

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7. Hand Bag Zebra:

Hand Bag Zebra Craft

You can easily make zebra paper bag craft all you need to do is make a paper bag then color it with black and white stripes, make a zebra face with ears on it, and you get a beautiful zebra print craft. This one is echo friendly handbag stuff for your kids or you can gift this to your baby friends too.

8. Handprint Zebra:

Hand Print Zebra

These are the great zebra crafts for toddlers and all your toddler need to do is paint the hand with black and white stripes then hand print on a sheet of paper and make its tail, later it can be framed out. This type of personalized hand print zebra crafts will be helpful for kids school projects too.

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9. Paper Zebra Print:

Craft Paper Zebra Print

You can print different animal print on a different sheet of paper or any cloth material also, so you get a zebra print craft paper which can be used to wrap a gift or something which you need. You can use this crafts for your personal use or your home decorations too.

In the end, all you have a lot of zebra crafts which you can make it on your own and you can decorate your house with it, teach your children to make different crafts out of it. And you can also print it on paper or cloth which can be used for different purpose. Everything comes under your creativity; you will get more options while making this crafts.

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