9 Stunning Lion Craft Design Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers

Lion is the king of the jungle. All kids love the lion’s mane. If you are a fan of the big cat, then go ahead with some of these cool lion crafts. These kinds of zoo crafts are so much fun. Children get to know more about the big animal of the jungle. There is a huge collection of craft ideas.

Best Lion Craft Design Ideas For Kids and Toddlers:

Here are few Lion crafts, choose from below top 9 Lion crafts,

1. Paper Plate Lion Craft:

Paper Plate Lion Craft

If you are visiting the zoo, go ahead and make some paper plate lions for the kids. They would roar at them. This is a cool craft for kids of all ages. All you need is few paper plates, craft paper and some googly eyes. Make a round face for the lion. Cut the external portion of the plate to make the manes. Fix those eyes and your paper lion is ready to roar. It’s a lovely lion paper craft.

2. Footprint Fork Lion Craft:

Footprint Fork Lion Craft

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Painting the lion with footprints and forks are such fun activity. You just have to take your footprint on craft paper and cool them. Take a fork and make the mane by using paints. Put those eyes and whiskers. You lion are ready with those cute footprints of yours. This is a nice lion craft for kids.

3. Styrofoam Cup Lion Craft:

Styrofoam Cup Lion Craft

Kids can have fun with these cup lions. All you need is Styrofoam cups and colors to make them. Cut these cups to make the mane and heat it so that the ends of the mane curves up. Color them up. Fix some nice eyes and mouth for the big cat. Make sure you assist your kids to heat the cups for the craft that would be a great fun craft for them. This could be a nice lion craft for preschool kids.

4. Ribbon and Thread Lion Craft:

Ribbon and Thread Lion Craft

It is so much fun to work with kids. Just give them some colored craft paper and cut out few orange and yellow ribbons. The kids would glue these ribbons around the round face of the lion. Fix those googly eyes. Colored ribbons would fly in the air and gives the big cat a nice look. These are the lovely lion crafts for toddlers.

5. Chinese Lion Puppet Craft:

Chinese Lion Puppet Craft

The kids can make this lion dance up and down just like the lion dance in Chinese New Year. These are cute puppets. You just need craft papers, few lolly sticks. Cut out the face of the lion and color it. Stick them on to Popsicle sticks. Kids would go around roaring with joy celebrating the Chinese New Year. These are lovely lion craft ideas.

6. Lion Megaphone Craft:

Lion Megaphone Craft

Surprise the kids with this lion themed megaphone. They would love to roar around with these lovely phones. That would make a nice jungle in the city. All you need is construction paper and glue to make them. Very easy lion king crafts loved by kids of all ages.

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7. Heart Lion Paper Craft:

Heart Lion Paper Craft

It is an easy craft for kids. Cut craft paper in heart shape and fix them for head and body. Make the mane and eyes for the lion. Fix a tail. Let the lion roar. Make the kids cut the heart shapes and glue them. It’s so much fun. These are the simple lion crafts for kids to make and enjoy.

8. Lion Mask Craft:

Lion Mask Craft

A simple lion mask is so much fun. You can use them on Halloweens or some fun events. You just need few paper plates and colored papers to make them. You can scare away your friends with these masks. Lion roar is so much fun. You feel you are in the jungle. These are the great lion arts and crafts ideas.

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9. CD Lion Craft:

CD Lion Craft

Can you imagine lion craft made out of CDs? This is one cool craft. Take some unused CDs. Stitch them on a big craft paper and color them. Fix some googly eyes and make the mane. You get a cool CD lion. A lion made from CD is totally a fun thing. Now try to play some music with these CDs. This is a wonderful lion craft.

Lion crafts are so much fun for the kids. Make them play around with these craft papers. They would love to roar and create nice crafty lions. Surprise them with a visit to the zoo. This also improves their learning abilities.

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