9 Unique Zipper Crafts In Different Patterns For Adults and Kids

Here is the truly simple zipper art and craft activity for the kids and adults even, to make use in all kind of special events and occasions.

Best Zipper Crafts In Different Patterns:

Following are the Top 9 collections of zippers crafts that use very less materials to come out with an appealing design.

1. Fashion Bracelet Zipper Crafts:

Fashion Bracelet Zipper Crafts

This fashion accessory can be suitably worn by both girls and boys.They are well designed so that it goes on with any trendy outfits. The sole thing here is the usage of the old zips to be transformed into the brand new unisex bracelets.

2. Flower Hair Piece Zipper Crafts:

Flower Hair Piece Zipper Crafts

Here is the real fun of making Zipper Crafts, in which the ornamental thing called brooches are crafted.It is worn as jewellery fastened to clothes with a pivoted pin to enhance the beauty of the outfit. We can make use of other items such as pearls, beads to add up its look.

3. Necklace and Earrings Zipper Crafts:

Necklace and Earrings Zipper Crafts

These are purely handmade by one’s own imagination and creative power. This craft zippers also follows the concept of recycling the old used zips. It would be really surprising, that it can be made from such type of zippers. Here, same colour of zippers is used together. If you are truly passionate about it, you can put your effort to create and come out with such an unique and authentic art.

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4. Hand Woven Zipper Bag Crafts:

Hand Woven Zipper Bag Crafts

This is literally a nice idea of creating beautiful and lovely purse which is hand woven out of trash zippers. You can make your own, using variant shades and models. Or can also go with the one of combination of colours as shown here, which suitably works best. The basic art is weaving the knots professionally.

5. Cool DIY Zipper Trim Tree Crafts:

Cool DIY Zipper Trim Tree Crafts

Watch this sort of art and craft design which depicts the replica of a festive Christmas trim tree. It had been crafted in such a way that, the same green shaded zippers are twisted and stitched at particular points so that it would give rise to a fantastic zipper craft pattern. Moreover, red bows and stars add its beauty.

6. Valentine Earrings Zipper Crafts:

Valentine Earrings Zipper Crafts

Take a glimpse on this Zippercraft that is especially designed for a special occasion of celebrating valentine ship. These are interestingly made and used by the teenagers who just want to be the one special person using a unique fashion model among their friends.Also, these earrings are immensely easy to both create and wear.

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7. Flower Zipper Crafts:

 Flower Zipper Crafts

Spot this marvellous and divine collection of zipper crafts patterns that can be readily used as a home decor. It is best suited for keeping as a centre piece on a table top. The entire art is completed by adjoining colourful flowers in a specialised pattern, with the help of colourful zippers.

8. Trendy DIY Zipper Crafts:

Trendy DIY Zipper Crafts

Along with the nail art, these brand new range of designer finger accessories are also the top trend in today’s fashion world. Flowers made with zippers are modelled in such a way that they can be worn as a ring as shown here in the link. The design of the craft truly depends on our own way of innovation.

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9. Christmas Tree Zipper Crafts:

Christmas Tree Zipper Crafts

Here comes another pattern of Christper materials only. Along with it, some colourful unused buttons are utilised to upgrade its pleasingness and prettiness.

Make use of such zipper arts and crafts to decorate your interiors and also to gift to your near and dear ones. They are also very uncomplicated and remarkable kind of arts that can be easily crafted by both kids and teenagers.

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