9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

Who doesn’t love animals? Everyone does and that is why we have got you animal inspired crafts this time. They are easy to make and look extremely adorable. Kids can easily learn to make these crafts and try them out in school, daycare or at home in the presence of adults. And adults can try these crafts for themselves as well.

Best Animal Craft Designs And Ideas For Kids:

Having said so, let’s take a look at top 9 animal crafts,

1. Zebra Puppet:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

This zebra print puppet is a cute animal crafts for toddlers for toddlers to try. You can make them learn to make a puppet with black and white colored paper and buttons and have a puppet show for them later on.

2. Snake Craft:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

The above snake craft is an inventive animal craft for kids. Children can easily be taught to fold colored papers and make these papercraft animals and feel happy about the little accomplishment. Let’s make a smile on your baby face, make this type of snake craft for your baby.

3. Parrot Bookmark:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

Get rid of boredom while studying with a self_made parrot bookmark. This paper craft animal bookmark will be of great help to book lovers and students. This will be nice choice for your crafts collections, it will decorative too.

4. Cardboard Roll Rhino:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

Teach kids the importance of reusing things like cardboard roll with the help of these animal crafts for preschoolers. This will also help teachers to make them learn and make new things out of old ones. After sticking the parts of the rhino in their respective places, paint the parts with acrylic colors.

5. Pig Puppet:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

Show children how to make the cute pig puppet shown above which is an innovative idea for animal crafts for kids. It will also ensure they enjoy the playtime and learning at the same time. This one is fun craft or your kids, let them know about funny animals too.

6. Paper Plate Peacock:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

These animal crafts for children are simple and inexpensive to make. Great to serve in birthday party for kids as well and super easy to make. Also gives a twist to normal white paper plates. You can make this in bunch for your kids birthday party.

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7. Vintage Elephant:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

If you are a fan of ethnic work and handicrafts then you might as well try these animal crafts for adults. This elephant design will make an elegant craft and looks appealing to the eyes. This one craft will be useful as a showpiece in your showcase, this one is handmade so gives nice look and soft touch too.

8. Bunny Pencil Holders:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

These cute little pencil holders are must try craft animals to make. With colored paper, glue and buttons, they can be made easily thereby bringing out your creative side. Artificial material gives cool look to craft; you can gift this to your baby girl too.

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9. Lion Mask Paper Plate:

9 Zoo Animal Crafts Design Ideas For Kids

There are so many things you can make with paper plates and the above animal craft activity is one of them. Give life to ordinary looking plates by making a lion image out of it. Simple way to make this lion mask as a craft.

Creativity can be shown in many different ways and animal crafts are one you can try to bring out your creative side. They are easy to make and promote love for animals as well. Do give the above mentioned crafts a try and use your own ideas too.

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