Almond Milk While Breastfeeding

Are you concerned about your diet after delivery to ensure that your baby is healthy? You might have been asked by your healthcare provider to include milk in your daily diets to remain healthy. Drinking milk everyday can be boring so you can experiment with the flavors and other ideas like adding delicious supplements to enhance its nutritional properties. During breastfeeding you should be extra careful about the diet you are taking as it will ultimately affect your child. Almond milk breastfeeding is one of the advantageous things that will keep you as well as your baby healthy.

Almond Milk While Breastfeeding

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Almond milk can be used as an alternative for normal milk. It can be a plant based beverage as it contains mixture of raw almonds with water. It is very healthy and contains no flavor.

Health Benefits Of Almond Milk:

1. Almond milk is very healthy and it will surely prove beneficial if you take almond milk while breastfeeding. It has various amounts of nutrients which add to its value and help you keep yourself healthy. Some of the benefits are-

2. If you wish to cut off on your daily calorie intake, then almond milk is the best alternative for your normal milk. Almond milk contains low amount of fat compared to cow’s milk and is good for digestion too

3. Since it is plant based product not animal based, its cholesterol content is extremely low and thus your cholesterol level is regulated thereby keeping you healthy

4. Drinking almond milk while breastfeeding will give you lots of nutrients like Vitamin E, vitamin D, Vitamin A and calcium. These nutrients are healthy for you as well as your breastfed baby. It also contains trace amount of nutrients like sodium, iron, phosphorous and dietary fibers. Dietary fibers are helpful in good digestion process

5. Apart from these benefits, almond milk while breastfeeding can do wonders for your health. The question can I drink almond milk while breastfeeding might be in your mind and the answer is simple. Yes, it’s totally safe to have almond milk while breastfeeding. Some of the benefits while breastfeeding are-

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6. It can enhance the production of milk and thus solves your problem of low lactation level. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which stimulate your breasts to produce more milk and solve your problem

7. It contains good amount of calcium and phosphorous which is good for the strengthening of bones of the baby and the mother

8. Having almond milk in your diet is very good for your skin and eyes. Almonds contain a good amount of vitamin A that is very good for the eyes and vitamin E which is good for the skin

9. It contains huge amount of nutrients like vitamins and minerals which when taken in sufficient amount will provide you protection against infectious diseases and also protect your baby from the same. It also helps to enhance the functioning of the immune system and thus boosts your immunity

10. As it’s a good source of vitamins and minerals it helps you give energy and help you recover fast after the delivery

Almond Milk While Breastfeeding 2

Almond milk is healthy but you should surely contact your doctor before including anything in your diet during this delicate phase. Since whatever you eat will have its direct impact on your body, thus you should be very careful while incorporating any thing in your daily diet plan. Seek advice from your medical expert regarding the full replacement of cow’s milk by the almond milk or the amount in which you should take in the milk. Excess of everything is harmful, so even if you are advised to have almond milk during breastfeeding, then make sure the amount taken is moderate i.e. nor in excess, neither in deficiency.

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