Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate and sensitive phase for a woman. During pregnancy all diets have to be carefully monitored and altered accordingly, keeping in mind the health of both mother and the baby. Apple cider vinegar is verified to have many health benefits in pregnant women. However, misuse could lead to severe health issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy

Apple cider vinegar also known as cider vinegar is made from apples.  Crushed apples are fermented, they first turn into alcohol and eventually become acetic acid. They have a pale to medium amber color. Vinegar, especially cider vinegar is known to reduce weight.This acetic acid is later aerated, removing all potentially harmful bacteria and then sold as apple cider vinegar. It is also sold in its natural form without pasteurizing but it’s not totally safe during pregnancy, it causes heartburns when taken in large amounts. It is also known have a lot of benefits for skin.  The commercially marketed apple cider vinegar has more advantages when taken in the right amounts.

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When is Apple Cider Vinegar Unsafe?

Apple cider vinegar(ACV) is used in more than plenty foods in our day to day life with this abundant use, the question that haunts pregnant women is whether or not it’s safe during pregnancy. The answer to this question is a little complicated. Unpasteurized vinegars do not contain all the essential goodness required during pregnancy, it contains bacteria that can be harmful. Sometimes it can be bad to an extent where it causes miscarriages or serious health problems in the born baby. Though acetic acid is supposed to act against the bacteria, it is not proven to do so which means unpasteurized ACV can be very risky. Cider vinegar can also reduce potassium levels is certain cases.

Is it safe to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy?

Pasteurized apple cider vinegar can be taken with certain foods and directly in very small amounts but drinking large amounts during pregnancy will prove to be harmful.Vinegar has been known for long to treat illnesses and kill disease causing bacteria. One of the biggest researchers on apple cider vinegar, Dr. D. C. Jarvis recommends that pregnant women take ACV in small amounts daily during pregnancy. According to Dr. Jarvis women drinking apple cider vinegar while pregnant will give birth to a healthy baby with great chemical pattern.

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Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy:

Vinegar is widely used in foods and commercially available. In general terms, acetic acid has many benefits; it controls blood sugar levels and reduces the effect of high impacting carbohydrates which could keep a check on your weight.When it comes to pregnant women and cider vinegar, it can be very helpful

  •  It helps reduce heart burns which is a common experience amongst pregnant women.
  •  Skin conditions are altered in some women during pregnancy due to the changes in hormone compositions; this can be treated by applying cider vinegar.
  •  Morning sickness can be prevented by ACV
  •  It controls blood glucose levels, and serves a good beverage during cravings.
  •  One of the most important advantage is, it eliminates urinary tract infections in pregnant women.
  •  The biggest challenge faced by some pregnant women is swelling of veins. Cider vinegar acts to keep your veins clear.
  •  Rubbing ACV on swellings of hands and legs during pregnancy reduces the swellings.

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Though it has plenty of uses during pregnancy it can harmful if misused. Unpasteurized vinegar could turn out to be problematic, so keep your hands off it during pregnancy. It is always advisable to consult your physician while dealing with cider vinegar while pregnant.