Beauty Tips During Pregnancy

“Pregnant women become spiritually and physically attractive,” quoted author Frederick With in his book Prenatal Parenting. “There is a serene radiance of fertility and ripeness,” he wrote too and this is a very joyful moment when a mother welcomes the changes to take place in her body happily just because she is going to give birth to a new life. An expectant mother should always be happy and satisfied as the way she would act, feel and behave is all going to have impacts on the baby.

Beauty tips during pregnancy

Beauty Tips During Pregnancy:

There are several body changes occurred for every pregnant lady. Here are best beauty tips during pregnancy that can beautify your body.

1.  Multiple Changes:

Multiple Changes

Pregnancy would give you a special glow but it changes your complexions and also reduces the color of your hair. The multiple changes occur due to changes of hormones and increase in volume of blood. The weirdest thing is that it at times makes thin hair glossy and thick or dry hair oily.

2. Freckles And Pigmentation:

Freckles and Pigmentation

Lighter freckles turn dark overnight and patches of pigmentation start to be visible on the face. This is called miasma or the ‘pregnancy mask’. This is caused by the rise in level of hormone oestrogen which causes production of melanin. Getting out in the sun could make it worse so that should be avoided, though SPF’s could do a good job in retaining the beauty of the skin outdoor, and can should applied even in winters.

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3. Acne’s:

Acne pregnancy

Increase in blood circulation which eventually lead to black pores and acne’s. Women who face this sort of a change should keep on cleansing their skin thoroughly. Removing makeup before going to bed in a must and exfoliation of skin at least once a week is good, especially for the dry skinned women. Getting a relaxed facial done could be good to clean blackheads and wash away the impurities which lead to acne’s.

4. Dark Circles:

Dark Circles pregnancy

Dark circles are pretty common among women who are pregnant. They face this problem usually towards the end when they don’t get proper position in which they could sleep in. Disturbed sleeps always lead to dark circles so the best solution at this point would be to sleep. You could wet a flannel with cold water and then hold it over your eyes and dark circle for an immediate cure, if it’s that important.

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5. Rough Hands:

Rough Hands

Smooth hands all of a sudden start becoming red and rough overnight. It happens if you have been washing your hands with soap or detergent for a long time. This is a perfect symptom to tell you about your pregnancy initially. You cannot do anything to prevent this but you can definitely wear a pair of gloves and not keep the palms exposed.

6. Puffy Eyes:

Puffy eyes

Water retention becomes a serious issue because as the baby grows it puts on weight on the blood vessels in the abdomen and legs. Your skin might become tightened and your eyes will become puffy. Try and rest so that you don’t need to lean upon your legs and give them pressure or you could apply an ice pack on your ankles.

7. Stretch Marks:

Pregnancy Strechmarks

Stretch marks are the most irritating thing for pregnant women. They are red lines which form due to the stretching of body and they develop all around the stomach, waistline and back. If you keep oiling and moisturizing your area of pull then you might get an easy was out to curb these marks from growing.

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8. Growth Of Fingernails:

File Nails

From the fourth month on wards the expectant women start growing longer and faster nails. The hormones are again the cause for this. Fingernails are prone to breakage as they become soft. You might even find tiny grooves developing on base. They tend to normalize about delivery.

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