Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Breast pain/tenderness is the earliest sign of pregnancy in general. There are a lot of changes in the body both external and internal when a woman is pregnant. Apart from the stomach the first symptoms of pregnancy faced by any body organ is breast. During pregnancy there is an increased blood flow and hormonal changes which results in changes in breast tissues. These changes are generally observed in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. There are noticeable and significant changes in the breast tissues. It may be increase in the size, tender nipples, leakage. But there is nothing to panic or worry about it. It is very normal during pregnancy. These changes are nothing but preparing the breasts for breastfeeding.

Causes and Symptoms of Breast Pain

Causes and Symptoms of Breast Pain During Pregnancy:

The Various Reasons and Symptoms of Breast Pain During Pregnancy are:

Sore/Ultra Sensitive Breasts:

Breasts tend to be very sore and tender in the first few weeks. One feels the pain while wearing a bra as it becomes very ultra sensitive. Tingling might be felt to a great extent.

Nipple And Areolas Changes:

Nipples become darker and larger as one progresses during early pregnancy. One may also notice small goose bumps or white marks on the area of nipples (called areolas) which is completely normal and nothing to worry about. The areola becomes bigger as the time passes.

Bigger Breasts:

After the first three months one may notice changes in the size of breasts. They become larger and pain extremely when touched. One may also feel itchy as the breast enlarges in size. It’s very normal as the body prepares the breast tissue for nursing and feeding purposes. The complex blue veins become visible on the breast which carries important nutrients and fluids.

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It can be defined as ‘the first milk the body releases’. It is a golden colored fluid. It contains all the nutrients along with immunities and protection a baby requires once born. This is the reason mother’s milk is considered the most important ingredient in the proper and healthy growth of a baby. It can be in the form of a coloured fluid or caked substance.

No Changes in Breast:

This is a slightly peculiar situation when a woman goes little or no changes in the breasts. One should not panic and visit a good doctor. Discuss the problems without hesitation and go for an intensive breast examination.

Tips for Breast Pain Relief During Pregnancy:

As discussed these changes are very normal and there is nothing to worry about. But few tips are to be followed and precaution needs to be taken so that you can provide your breast with some relief. With little care and knowledge the pain can be combated to a large extent.

i. One should buy good branded supportive bras/ maternity bras. It’s a must. It eases the pain to some extent and prevents the breasts from sagging in future. One should take advice from a knowledgeable sales women or maternity shop experts. Underwire bras should be neglected. Soft cotton material with no seams near the nipples is ideal. Cotton should be preferred over synthetic.
Generally as one goes up by a cup size or two, a bit loose bra should be chosen to maintain the level of comfort.

ii. Everything should be discussed with your partner. Your partner should be well aware of the body changes you are going through.  Discussion leads to caution while hugging or lovemaking.

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iii. Many a times the above symptoms are followed by red rashes, too hot to touch and other sever issues. A doctor should be contacted in that case immediately to seek advice.