Can Babies drink Alkaline Water?

Just gave birth to a baby? So you would be very much concerned about the health and well being of your baby. You will do anything to keep your new born healthy and thus you have to keep a track of all the things you give to your baby. Alkaline water is one of such things. So, you should know what is alkaline water, its benefits and all the health related aspects related to alkaline water? So,alkaline water for babies is very healthy.

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What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is basically water having a pH of more than 7. Alkaline water can be prepared by using a faucet based water ionizer and it is very healthy. These days this method is becoming very popular as alkaline water for baby is considered very healthy.

The alkaline water is considered to be very health as it helps to regulate the pH of the body. When you have lots of processed food included in your diet, it created an acidic pH in your body which can cause certain problems like acidity etc. Having alkaline water will neutralize the acid present and thus bring back the pH of the body to normal also solving the problem of acidity.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water:

As alkaline water is very healthy, it should be included in your diet to gain benefits from it. Some of the health benefits of having alkaline water in your diet are-

• It is very healthy for kidney’s proper functioning. Regular intake of alkaline water will help you protect from kidney disorders speciallyfrom kidney stones.

• As it regulates the pH of the body, it will play an important role in regulating the blood flow and other keeps problems related to this away from you

• One of the most important benefit is that it helps to protect your skin and hair from drying

• As it is alkaline in nature, it saves your body from dehydration. It has more dehydrating effects than the normal water you take

• It will surely protect you from various diseases related to cellular and bone degeneration. It provides protection against dome of the problems like that of osteoporosis, arthritis etc.

• Alkaline water is a very rich source of antioxidants that helps to eliminate the free radicles. Free radicles cause premature aging and thus alkaline water lowers the risk of premature aging

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• It helps to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and protects us from infections

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Can Babies Drink Alkaline Water:

To take care of your baby you will always try to ensure that the baby gets healthy things to eat and thus question arises: can babies drink alkaline water? The answer is yes…! It is totally safe for babies. But you should keep in mind these points to ensure if alkaline water safe for babies.

  • If your baby is too young, then always seek consideration from the healthcare provider to give anything to your baby for maintaining his health

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  • If your baby is on medication, make sure to avoid administering alkaline water for baby
  • If asked to give alkaline water to your baby, avoid giving alkaline water 30-40 minutes before and after the meals
  • The scientific researches have not yet confirmed the health benefits of alkaline water so it is best to feed your baby onto breastmilk till your baby turns 6 months old
  • After your baby turns 6 moths old you can give alkaline water to have its benefits but make sure to consult your healthcare provider whether to administer alkaline water to the baby as per the requirement

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Thus you should have the required knowledge about the alkaline water to avoid any problem and also take advice from your doctor to make sure the things you give tour child are safe for his/her health.