Can Pregnant Women Eat Chinese Food?

Pregnancy is the most crucial time of a woman’s life. It is a phase which is equally delighting as well as very difficult to cross. Your topmost priority in this phase is to take care of you and your baby’s health. Cravings during this time are natural but you need to know what to eat and what not to. Here is a list of Chinese food items that is safe for you to consume during pregnancy and some that are not.

Chinese Food During Pregnancy:

What To Eat?

Steamed Vegetables:


Though this Chinese food item is very beneficial for all times but can be beneficial during pregnancy too. Steamed vegetables like avocado, broccoli, carrots, beans, spinach and others have great nutritional values. They contain nutrients like vitamins, folic acid, calcium which is very good for the development of the baby. You should steam the vegetables properly to avoid consumption of under cooked ones.


Chinese Noodles

Rice and noodles contain high amount of carbohydrates which are very beneficial to consume during pregnancy. This Chinese food in pregnancy infuses your body with energy boost. Carbohydrates produce serotonin which is a brain chemical that infuses feel good factor. It also helps in uplifting your mood, thus preventing you from feeling blue. They are also very good for your heart.

Chinese Ginger:

Chinese Ginger

Consuming Chinese ginger can help you in various ways. It is a great medicine for treating nausea which is a very common problem during pregnancy. Any kind of symptoms which are associated with motion sickness like dizziness; cold sweating and nausea can be eradicated with this.

Coconut Oil:

coconut oil

This is another Chinese food item that is very advantageous for a pregnant lady. It helps in boosting the fuel of the body which is a very necessary for the mechanism of healthy pregnancy. It contains lauric acid which makes it a very important Chinese food during pregnancy. It helps in improving the body’s immune system.

Fresh Tofu:

Fresh Tofu

Another important diet that is very fruitful to consume is fresh tofu as they are full of protein and anti-oxidants. It contains nutrients that if added in your diet can work wonders. It increases the composition of hemoglobin in the body and thus is an optimum source of energy. Fresh tofu also contains calcium that facilitates development of bones in the body.

Bean Sprout:

Bean Sprout

These are also full of nutritional value and are considered helpful during pregnancy. They comprise of phyto-nutrients, B vitamins and proteins. These facilitate the development of brain of the baby. It also helps in taking care of the foetal health. It is important to wash and cook them properly to avoid any kind of problems.

Low Mercury Fish:

Low Mercury Fish

During pregnancy it is advisable to consume fishes which are low in mercury. Fishes which are low in their mercury content are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals. This benefits the development of a healthy foetal. Fishes like salmon, cod, shrimp etc are low in mercury content.

Chinese Tea:

Chinese Tea

Consuming green tea during pregnancy can be very beneficial due to its anti-oxidants. It helps in preventing any kind of cell damage in the body. It also helps in the development of the foetus. It is also beneficial for the teeth and bones and for maintaining immune system. You should avoid drinking tea with meals.



Conjees is a kind of traditional Chinese soup. This is used for its therapeutic benefits in Chinese medicine. You can consume this Chinese food while pregnant and benefit in a number of ways. They are very bland in taste but can remove nausea which is a very common problem during pregnancy. It is also very filling thus can remove your hunger pangs.

Homemade Chinese Food:

Homemade Chinese Food

Last but not the least it is most advisable to consume Chinese food which you make at home. This contains less amount of mono-sodium glutamate which is very injurious to consume. Many of you might be wandering can pregnant women eat Chinese food or not, we have the solution for you. You can modify the dishes using your own healthy ingredients which are beneficial for you.

What Not To Eat?

Fried Chinese Food Items:

Fried Chinese Food Items

Fried Chinese food items are high in calories and fat. Intake of calories in high amount can lead to weight gain. When you gain weight during pregnancy, it makes you difficult to carry the child with ease. It also gives rise to multiple health problems, thus reducing your efficiency to carry a child.

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Seafood contains high amount of methyl mercury which leads to the impairment of foetus. Intake of fishes like shellfish, tuna, smoked fish and sushi should be limited as much as possible. Excess amount of mercury in the bloodstream of a pregnant woman can lead to damage in the development of the baby’s brain and also nervous system.

Raw/Under Cooked Meat:

Under Cooked Meat

Intake of raw or under cooked meat can make you susceptible to infections like toxoplasmosis. It can give you illness which is flu-like and thus weakening your immune system. Food poisoning is a very common disease which can happen to you due to raw meat. It also gives rise to risks associated with miscarriage.

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Alfalfa Sprouts:

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts contains different types of deadly bacteria like E. Coil. Intake of these sprouts makes you susceptible towards infection. It also gives rise to infections such as salmonella and listeria. It is most essential to keep yourself at bay from any kind of infections during pregnancy.

Chinese Food Items Containing MSG:

Chinese Food Items Containing MSG

Any food item which contains mono-sodium glutamate should be avoided at all costs. This flavor is a common ingredient in Chinese food items and gives rise to many adverse effects. Intake of MSG can give rise to nausea among pregnant women along with other effects like numbness, weakness, chest pain and flushing.

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This was a list of all the Chinese food items that you can have and that you cannot. It is very important to follow a healthy diet regime during the 9 crucial months of pregnancy. You should consume only those food items that are healthy for you and your baby. It is only when you eat healthy can you stay healthy.