Can you Drink Kombucha while Pregnant?

Can you Drink Kombucha while Pregnant?

Kombucha is a very healthy fermented drink that is found quite easily found in retail stores and even online. You can make kombucha at home if you have the right elements but be careful not to taint the drink in any way. It is very healthy for pregnant ladies as it has several health properties as compared to many other health drinks so when asked is kombucha safe during pregnancy you will know the answer.

Kombucha during pregnancy

What Exactly is Kombucha?

Still not sure what we are talking about? Here is a quick and easy description of kombucha.

Kombucha is a fermented beverage that consists of black tea and that could be the cane sugar or honey, used as a functional, probiotic food. When combined with sugar, the yeasts and bacteria that help in the fermentation process. Due to this fermentation process involved in making kombucha, there arises a large number of healthy bacteria known as probiotics. These bacteria support your immune system and line your digestive tract, while absorbing nutrients, fighting illness and infection. It is rich in beneficial probiotics and can kill harmful bacteria out of your body. Their anti-oxidants can be a cure to many diseases. There is also another form of kombucha that is available, which is the pasteurized kombucha. This is not a preferred choice because, during pasteurization, much of the healthy bacteria are lost. So, watch out for this!

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Wondering if is it safe to drink kombucha during pregnancy? Here is your answer.

Yes it is! First, it detoxifies your body. The glucuronic acid in kombucha acts as a detoxifying agent. It works along with the other toxins in your body like the pollutants and converts them into soluble compounds that will help the body to excrete.

Secondly, it prevents hypertension. It is effective in preventing dizziness and hypertension that are common during pregnancy. It also improves immunity. Oxidative stress during pregnancy suppresses your immunity. Kombucha contains high amount of vitamin C that that will boost the immunity considerably.

Kombucha while pregnant is hence a good choice and the goodness outweighs the ill effects.

Kombucha is a very famous Chinese and Japanese beverage made from fermenting green or black tea by using several biotic elements to help use all the health benefits of this healthy drinks. Kombucha recipes have been passed down by a number of generations and can be easily brewed at home if you know what you are doing. It is always better though to experiment a bit so that at the end of the day you make a flawless product without any added or adverse effects due to contamination when made at home always make sure that you are drinking A-grade product so that your body remains healthy. You can always make and enjoy this great fermented drink at home or if you know what you are doing or you can purchase A-grade product from any retail store that stocks the product.

You could also try purchasing online where a number of companies now advertise the products that they wish their customers to see and ascertain as per their discretion. Kombucha is manufactured by a number of companies and has reached retail and online stores worldwide making it a much safer product to use rather than making it at home. there are a number of health benefits to using kombucha because of its great strengthening properties that help you quite well during your pregnancy period. During your pregnancy it is always necessary to stay healthy and with the help of kombucha you are surely one step toward achieving a healthy pregnancy cycle.

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How to Consume Kombucha while Pregnant?

Here is the right dosage of kombucha that you need to take.

Kombucha is known to cause a reaction in first time drinkers. If you choose to try to start drinking kombucha, you can start off slowly. Start off drinking as little as 4 oz. a day, then slowly build that up as you ascertain your body’s response to this potent beverage.But at any point if the smell or taste disgusts you, it is advised to stop taking it. When you brew them at home, use pH strips to make sure you are drinking between levels 2.5 and 3.0.

Given below are a few great benefits of using kombucha during your pregnancy: –


Kombucha acts as a strengthening agent to both your nervous system and immune system which are extremely affected during the period of your pregnancy. The good bacteria present in the fermented health drink helps to provide the necessary push that your nervous and immune system needs in order to function on a normal level making kombucha while pregnant a very healthy affair.

Healthy Stomach:

The bacteria present in kombucha are very healthy and helps to provide a healthy metabolism which is the life force of your body and your baby’s body. A good metabolism means your baby is receiving all the nutrients it needs in order to function on a adequate level making kombucha during pregnancy a very valid health ingredient.


It is quite important to mention that kombucha is a very comforting drink that helps to soothe the nerves on a higher level as compared to any other health drink. It helps you to deal with your pregnancy and all the stress it offers with the right mindset so when asked the question can I drink kombucha during pregnancy you know exactly what to say.

Ease of Availability:

During your pregnancy you don’t really want to put your body through too much stress and the fact that kombucha is easily available makes this a very easy way of keeping your body and your baby’s development healthy and strong.

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While there are some advantages of having kombucha when you are pregnant, there are also some disadvantages of drinking kombucha while pregnant.

  • Acidosis: This is a condition where the high amount of acid in the body has caused a life-threatening condition.
  • Liver damage: another side effect is the liver damage. Liver failure is an associated side effect of drinking kombucha tea.
  • Alcohol: Kombucha contains yeast. These yeasts have the same strain as that of wine and beer. A particular yeast in it produces gas when it feeds on sugar.

It is therefore always advisable to consult a doctor before you decide to consume kombucha during pregnancy. Look out for any negative symptoms and stop taking it if you experience anything odd. The side effects are lesser known and rare. It is usually drunk by people in the form of a medicine and the effectiveness in treating disease does not have a medical support.