Durian During Pregnancy: Benefits, Nutritional Values, And Effects

It is always advised to pregnant mothers to be super careful about everything they eat. Their regular intake is well in scrutiny as whatever they will affect not just the mother to be but also the growth and development of the fetus. However, often, pregnant mothers fall for cravings. One such exotic fruit which is consumed during this phase is the durian fruit. But the question here is how well do we know about the fruit. While there are several people recommending about benefits of the fruit, there is another side of the picture as well. Do we really know if it is totally safe to consume and if there are any side effects? Well, do not worry, we will help you here by giving you a complete picture of having durian fruit for pregnancy in this article. Read more to get to know all about this fruit.

Durian During Pregnancy

This article gives you a broad idea about the good and bad about consumption of Durian during pregnancy.

What is durian fruit?

Durian fruit benefits pregnancy. We all know that. But what exactly is this fruit? Durian is a variety of exotic fruit found in certain parts of Southeast Asia. Durian has a noticeable and robust odour and is succulent to eat. It is well vast in size, which is also covered with husk and has a spikey appearance. The fruit is well known to be ‘king of fruits’ for a reason. This fruit is well received by some pregnant women due to its delicious taste. However, others cannot take its pungent smell from within.

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Is it safe to eat durian during pregnancy?

As such, there are no specific documented the positive or negative effects of consuming DurianforPregnant. The benefits, as well as ill-effects, depend on your own overall health condition and metabolism. As it is good and well nutritional fruit, many advise to go ahead and consume this fruit. But some believe that it may create heat in the body and can affect the unborn baby fetus inside. However, this does not have any scientific evidence as of yet. Hence when one asks ‘can I eat durian fruit during pregnancy’ we would say it is safe. It has anti-oxidant properties also along with vitamins and minerals. However, consult a doctor when you are eating for the first time.

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Nutritional values of durian fruit during pregnancy:

Eating durian during pregnancy is recommended for the fact that it has several nutritional values from within. It has a high amount of minerals, energy, and vitamins. It is free from cholesterol and saturated fats, which makes it a plus point. Further, it has fibres which help in various aspects, including fitness, health, and digestion aspects. It has vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, magnesium, manganese, copper and iron contents which are also a huge pro. Which fruit does have so many built within? Hence no doubt, durian good for pregnancy.

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Durian Fruit Benefits in Pregnancy and for Overall Health:

Can pregnant women eat durian? Why not, given the huge list of benefits to the fruit. Eating Durian while pregnant does have its own share of health benefits, as well. Here is the list are a few health benefits of eating durian:

  1. Due to the presence of the high amount of Sugars in this fruit, this fruit delivers an instant dose of high energy. It is also rich in essential Vitamins and minerals.
  2. Durian is a fleshy fruit that can be easily digested by your body. The presence of simple sugars, like fructose and sucrose, require lesser processing in the body and help to tackle hypoglycemia and make you feel the energy.
  3. Durian is one great source of dietary fibre and therefore, it helps to increase the bulk of faces and softens the stool. Thereby acting as a natural laxative. Constipation is a widespread problem during pregnancy and applying excessive pressure while passing stools might also cause piles. So, durian helps to avoid all such issues.
  4. The high fibre of the Durian would also help to keep your mucous membranes safe from any sort of irritation. This also decreases the exposure time of the gut to toxins. Thereby, helping all your body functions proceed effortlessly.

Durian Fruit For Pregnant Health Benefits:

  1. The fruit of Durian is rich in a lot of healthy Vitamins, such as the Vitamin B complex including Niacin, Thiamine, and riboflavin. This helps to fulfil the increased nutrient requirement by your body while you are pregnant.
  2. It is free of Saturated fats and Cholesterol. It also has very low salt content, therefore, helps to regulate the blood pressure.
  3. The Durian fruit is also an excellent source of essential minerals, like Copper, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Iron and Copper are required by our bodies in the formation of the Red blood cells.
  4. Certain studies also depict that Durian consumption by pregnant women also helps to decrease depression both in pregnancy and postpartum.
  5. It has an antacid action, therefore, helps prevent acidity.

So, overall, the answer to the question, Is Durian good for pregnancy happens to be yes. Given the list of several benefits associated with the fruit, it is totally safe to consume.

Effects of durian fruit during pregnancy:

Is durian safe for pregnant entirely? Well, durian is one fruit that has a lot of carbohydrates. Two medium sized slices of the fruit Durian contain, near about 60 calories. Eating durian can spike up the sugar level in your blood, in an instant due to the high glycemic index. So, the women who are diabetic or have had a history of gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies should stay away from eating too much Durian. It may be very bad and dangerous for their health and the baby.

How does durian fruit help to get pregnant?

Does durian fruit help to get pregnant? What and when to eat durian fruit to get pregnant? These are common questions asked to us on several occasions. Well, in countries like India, many believe that if one consumes such exotic and unique fruit, it helps boost the fertility levels and hence, in turn, increases the chances of conceiving. It helps also increase libido and stamina. Hence if you are trying to conceive, this surely won’t hurt to eat this exotic fruit. Therefore if someone asks, how durian fruit helps to get pregnant, you know the answer.

Benefits of durian fruit for infertility issues:

There are several questions we face, like how to eat durian fruit for pregnancy or when to eat durian fruit to get pregnant or does durian fruit helps pregnancy. You already have half of the answer above. But certainly, it helps in infertility issues as the fruit contains estrogen hormones. Further, this fruit also treats polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as the fruit is anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity. Hence this fruit certainly does good to improve and work on the infertility issues, which is a common concern among many women in today’s era. So when anyone asks you does durian fruit helps pregnancy, you know what to say!

This exotic fruit, as we saw, is extremely beneficial due to several nutritional and medicinal properties it has from within. It helps naturally through many concerns with regard to fertility and pregnancy. Though, it is not recommended for Diabetics or those women who are predisposed to the development of Diabetes because of family history of Diabetes or preceding history of Gestational diabetes. We still recommend that you check with your doctor before starting anything new in pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1. How to eat durian fruit for pregnancy?

Ans: You can choose to eat this fruit in a variety of ways. Either you can make juice or smoothie with it or include it in the salads. Further, you can use to prepare milkshakes or ice creams too as per your cravings. Similarly, you can make several desserts with this fruit as per your wish.

Q2. When should pregnant women avoid this fruit?

Ans: Pregnant women with gestational diabetes, with a family history of diabetes, who are obese are advised and recommended to skip and avoid this fruit. Further, it is better to not have this fruit during the third trimester. In addition, any pregnant women are advised of a weight gain are also advised not to consume this fruit.

Q3. Can I have any quantity of durian fruit?

Ans: Although there are several nutrients in this fruit, it also has a lot of carbohydrates and sugar in this. Hence they may increase blood glucose if had in large quantities. This may, in turn, increase the weight of the fetus. It is hence thereby recommended to not have a massive quantity of durian fruit.

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