How To Avoid Pregnancy After Marriage?

Becoming a parent can bring about a huge series of changes in a married couple’s life. Getting pregnant brings with itself a huge load of responsibilities, both emotional and financial, and is not something that should be taken lightly. This is the reason why it is best to a plan pregnancy after marriage.

There are a number of natural and simple ways to prevent pregnancy, while maintaining a healthy sex life after marriage.

Different methods of contraception have varied effectiveness and what method to choose depends solely on the user. It is all about what works the best for them in the matters of effectiveness as well as comfort wise.

How To Avoid Pregnancy After Marriage

Tips To Avoid Pregnancy After Marriage:

Let’s find here with mentioned top methods to avoid pregnancy with and without protection.

1. Natural Prevention:

The natural method of preventing pregnancy has been in practice for years. However, these methods do not provide cent percent guarantee and are, therefore, not completely dependable. It is believed that during the natural cycle of a woman’s body, there are certain days before and after her period when she cannot conceive even if she has unprotected intercourse.

This method cannot be totally relied on because every woman’s body is different and behaves differently under changing environments. This obviously affects her cycles, which is why you may not always be absolutely precise establishing what days are safe.

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2. Ovulation Method:

Ovulation Method To Preven Pregnancy

This method simply means that one should avoid having unprotected intercourse during the ovulation days. The loophole under this method is, however, the same as the natural prevention method. Every woman’s body behaves and reacts differently under different environments. One of the precautions to avoid pregnancy after marriage is this method. This means, avoid having sex during the 8-19 of the cycles or go for a protection.

3. Hormonal Method:

Harmon Method To Prevent Pregnancy

The hormonal method is the next best way to avoid pregnancy after marriage. A number of pills are available in the market today for contraception purposes. The job of these pills is the prevention of production of eggs or prevention of fertilised eggs to get implanted in the uterus. These pills, however, may have various side effects and may or may not suit a person. This is why, it is recommended to take these pills after consulting a doctor.

These contraceptive pills can be taken on a daily basis. You must ensure that you never miss a pill if you are taking these daily pills, and they must always be taken on time.

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4. Pulling Out Technique:

Pull Out Method To Prevent Pregnancy

This pull out method also known as withdrawal or coitus interrupts that means removing the penis from the vagina before discharge happens. This technique is logically and obviously effective to avoid pregnancy without protection, provided you are always really careful. Relying on this technique is always a little risky in the heat of the moment. This method is a tad bit risky because it requires some self-control and experience. When it is pulled out entirely off the female, the chances of it travelling to the female body becomes much less or probably null. This way to stop pregnancy is not entirely safe and is at best to look for some other options, owing to the risk involved.

5. Condoms:

Condoms To Prevent Pregnancy

This is one of the safest methods of contraception. The guarantee of this method is not 100 percent, but they are still almost always effective. It is essential to check for the expiry date of condoms, to store them properly, and also to use them properly for desired results. Condoms have been the best way to avoid pregnancy after marriage. Condoms are now available as femidom for the female too and is a matter of choice on whom to use it.

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6. IUD (Intrauterine Device):

IUD To Prevent Pregnancy

The IUD also called as intrauterine Contraception (IUC) and Intrauterine system (IUS). This is a most effective method to control emergency contraception. In this method, a tiny T Shaped devise embed inside women’s womb that works for enduring. Notwithstanding, there are few issued problems are emerging to women like heavy bleeding, back pain and unpredictable periods.

7. Emergency Pill:

Emergency Pills To Prevent Pregnancy

This is not a method you can opt for a regular basis. As the name suggests, these pills can be taken to avoid an unwanted accidental pregnancy. These pills must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Although this pill does not guarantee anything, it is almost always successful. This is a not a healthy option, and its consumption should be avoided. This certainly is not the best way to avoid pregnancy after marriage, but sure is a saviour on the hard times. There are quite a few safe pills that you can consume. But ensure you are only taking the best.

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Safe sex is always the best option. You not only avoid pregnancy but also keep at bay any sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s. Safe sex is an absolute necessity to keep off any of these consequences. To be a parent always needs some level of preparation. If you are not up for it, it is at best to really avoid it, whether condom or femidom. Let pull out and pill is your last resort.