Is it Safe to Lifting Heavy Weights During Pregnancy?

Staying in shape is a very important part of staying fit and healthy even during your pregnancy. Though you do put on some weight during your pregnancy this weight is mainly to help manage the growth of your baby. The extra weight is proof that your baby is growing strong and healthy. Though gaining weight is a natural issue, gaining too much weight is a very detrimental issue that will affect your overall health during your pregnancy. That is why it is necessary to always stay in shape.

Now the most asked question during pregnancy is can you lift weights while pregnant which should be a very controlled affair. Too much weight lifting may cause a strain to your abdomen which may affect your baby’s health and give you a lot of discomfort but if controlled with the right method you may be able to stay in shape and keep your baby healthy and happy over the nine months of your pregnancy period.

There are however some weight lifting pregnancy workouts that you may want to try. These methods differ from person to person depending on personal strength and how much a person can take. If you wish to first gain a little weight before trying to lift weights then try and eat more and not lift at all but once you wish to keep your weight in check then try lifting light weights that keep your body comfortable and not too stressed.

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Do not try to ever lift heavy weights during your pregnancy as your body will not be able to take the pressure but you can lift light to moderate weights to stay in shape during the period. There are a number of companies available online that give elaborate information on the schedule of weight lifting during pregnancy to help you be better informed.

Weight lifting during pregnancy has to dealt with some caution. Lifting heavy weight should be avoided. It however depends and differs with one women to another. For some, lifting very heavy objects will cause premature childbirth, while for others, it might not be too dangerous. Weight lifting is generally done to strengthen your stamina, that is a must during delivery. Therefore, it is at best consult with your doctor before you start to lift weights.

Benefits of Weight lifting Pregnancy Workouts:

Staying In Shape:

Lifting Weights During Pregnancy - Staying in shape

Lifting weights during your pregnancy allows you to stay in shape at all times. Always lift light to moderate weights to stay in shape yet not give your body any pressure that over exerts your system during your pregnancy. Weight lifting during pregnancy is a scrutinized yet not overly impossible concept as your health is a very important part of keeping your baby healthy.

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Great for Delivery:

Lifting Weights During Pregnancy - Great for delivery

Lifting weights allows you to make your body ready for your delivery as it allows you to make ready your abdomen making it a very ideal environment in which you would want to give birth to your baby. It not only makes your abdomen strong but with a little bit of yoga you will have a hassle free delivery making lifting weights while pregnant a very favorable concept.

Appetite Builder:

Lifting Weights During Pregnancy - Appetite builder

By lifting weights you are using a lot of the extra fat in your body giving way for a bigger appetite that helps you and your baby as well. During your pregnancy the more you can provide the nutrition for your baby the stronger it will get making lifting heavy things while pregnant a very comfortable factor.

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But do look out how your body reacts. Take a look at the popular risks associated with pregnant lady lifting weights.

  • The major risk associated is hernia. While hernia can be harmless and pain free, it can potentially bring in a lot of discomfort to the mother. This is not advisable.
  • Lift with some caution. Listen to your body. In case, you experience any sever pain, stop right there. Consulting a doctor goes without saying.
  • Lifting heavy objects while pregnant can lead to a pulled up muscle. The situation is not favorable and so be wary of the small changes that happen to your body.
  • Heavy weight lifting during pregnancy(beyond what the body is capable of) will lead to still birth or sometimes even abortion.

Consult your doctor before you make a decision here. It is for the safety of both the mother and the baby.

Weight lifting for pregnant ladies is an okay factor during your pregnancy as long as the things that you lifting are not too heavy. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pregnancy and therefore take all the necessary precautions in order to keep your child healthy throughout the period of your pregnancy.