Is Lavender Oil safe during Pregnancy?

Though the use of essential oils during the period of a pregnancy has been a controversial matter for many years at the end of the day anything that is used in an overly manner is very harmful for your body. That is why it is always necessary to stay controlled when it comes to using essential oils on your body during the period of your pregnancy.

Essential oils of which lavender is a part of our oils that are rich in chemicals and nutrients which are soaked into the skin when applied for better and more nutritious skin. Though lavender has no direct benefit to your child at the end of the day your maintenance adversely affects the maintenance of your child as well during the period of your pregnancy. Lavender can be easily applied to your skin and has several properties that acts as rejuvenation materials in order to keep you fresh and healthy.

Lavender oil During pregnancy

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Essential oils are concentrated oil extracted from plants and hence are powerful. Therefore, it is essential that you use them in the right amount, sparingly. The oils contain chemicals that can be absorbed by the body. They are usually mixed with other oils for diluting or sometimes poured into vaporizer for mild absorption and breathing. This is the aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is useful and safe during pregnancy to ease the process. However, be sure to use only one drop of one essential oil. Dilute it well with a base oil and allow it to seep into the vaporizer for no longer than 10 minutes. Otherwise, the smell might be too much to handle. These oil molecules reach the baby through the placenta.

Lavender oil is a complete package of the essentials of goodness that your skin needs. Take a look at the many benefits it offers. Given below are a few benefits of lavender oil and how it is very normal to use this essential oil during your pregnancy:-


Aromatherapy in which lavender oil is used gives off a whiff of flavour which gives you the energy you need to carry on with your pregnancy period. Use this essential oil in a periodical manner for the best results. Try and indulge yourself in a lavender oil massage from time to time in order to enjoy the full dose of this great essential oil making lavender oil pregnancy one of the best essential oils there is.

Nutrient Rich:

Though your baby’s health is the first thing you look to before using any product you can be rest assured that lavender oil is very safe making it a very personal matter because during the nine months of your pregnancy it is very important that you keep yourself healthy and nutrient rich by taking some time out for yourself and pampering yourself with lavender oil applications making lavender essential oil pregnancy one of the best self absorbing products you can have.

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Ease of Application:

Lavender oil can be easily found in any retail or online store and is applied easily and directly to your skin for the best results. Maintain a steady periodical table of application in order to keep your body healthy and moisturized at all times. It is also said that lavender oil helps with stretch marks over the period of your pregnancy making lavender during pregnancy a safe bet than other essential oils.

Ease the Pain:

You can use lavender oil during the first trimester. Add it to your bath, a drop of it, to soothe the pains of pregnancy, and aches. It will also help to relieve stress out of you.

Stretch Marks:

Get rid of your stretch marks post pregnancy, on your upper thighs and abdominal areas. Massaging them gently into the area of the skin in combination with jojoba oil will ensure you get rid off it too quickly.

Lavender Oil for Insomnia:

Trust in lavender oil to combat your stress. It imparts a soothing feeling to your nerves, thereby relieving tension, depression and exhaustion. It is also effective for headaches, migraines and insomnia. A tissue with two drops of lavender oil will do the magic. Leave this tissue next to your pillow and let it sit in the room for 15 minutes. Come back to enjoy a good and peaceful sleep!

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How about you enjoy the goodness of lavender in a cup? Make a good lavender tea that will justly relieve you on ordinary days. When you are pregnant, the body becomes sensitive to many herbs, smell and sometimes evens selected veggies. They even have the potential to trigger a miscarriage. Therefore, you need to be sure how much of it can you consume. Therefore, as a precaution, it is at best to avoid lavender tea when you are pregnant. However, make your cup on any other day like below.

  • Boil a glass of water and add fresh lavender buds into the tea ball or simply add it to the boiling water.
  • Allow it to seep for 10 minutes making way for the goodness to mix.
  • Enjoy your hot cup with a spoon of honey. Or drink it without any sugar.

Lavender oil is part of the many essential oils though its natural properties set it apart from the rest and make it very favourable to use during your pregnancy period. The ease of its application makes it a very favourable skin treatment for all stretch marks and so on as well during your pregnancy so when asked is lavender oil safe during pregnancy you know what to say.