Is The Position of Baby Important During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most joyous time for a woman but it can also be a time of extreme curiosity and a lot of stress and anxiousness. While you are expecting a baby the mindset of the woman is in a state of total chaos and there are a lot of questions and doubts racing through your mind.

The most important is what should be the ideal position of your baby during birth. Ideally it is said that births are easier when the baby is in a particular position in the pelvis zone before birth and ideally it is when the baby’s head is pointing downwards. However, understanding about the different ways your baby positions in the womb will help clear a lot of your queries.

baby position during pregnancy

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1. The Anterior Position:

The Anterior position is considered to be the best position for the baby as it results in easier deliveries. The position is that the baby’s head is facing down and the back of the head is situated a little bit in front of your tummy .This position makes labour short and easy for you. In this position the baby is a little inside your pelvis. The position can be broadly understood as the position in which the baby can with ease flex his neck and tuck his chin into the chest. In this position the narrowest part of the head presses into the cervix which makes delivery easier.

The narrowest part of the head presses your cervix, which helps during delivery. When the baby enters into the pelvis during birth, this anterior position of the baby makes it easy for the baby to come down gently.

In majority of cases, babies lie in this position.

2. Occiput Posterior Position:

In this case, your baby is positioned in a way that his back faces your back. This position, commonly called OP is also referred to as ‘back to back’ baby position.

A major disadvantage of this position is that the labour in this case can take longer than usual. This is mostly because your child has been lying snugly and fails to push his chin and tuck it into his chest. This makes the position awkward and causes back ache during labour.

The major reasons why your baby changes from the traditional position are:-

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a. Shape And Type Of Pelvis:

If the pelvic shape is deflected from the usual round, chances are your child will settle into the wide area of the pelvis that allows his head to fit in easily.

b. Lifestyle:

A lot of movement could cause your pelvis to tip backwards, leading your child into an awkward position.

To avoid the same, it is important to do physical activities and work out, albeit with the consent of your physician. Encourage yourself to feel more motivated towards giving birth to a healthy child and there will be no stopping you. The position of how your child is  born is of course important, however ensuring their safety by leading the right lifestyle isn’t too difficult.

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We can most certainly hope that the pointers listed will clear most of your doubts regarding the position of your child during birth and if it is important. Do talk to your gynecologist before indulging in any activity that involves a lot of movement including workouts as these could affect how your child is placed in your womb.