Mouth Ulcers During Pregnancy

During the time of your pregnancy you need to take care of your dental health and maintain a good oral hygiene as it could also be troublesome if you don’t maintain your dental health and end up becoming a victim of mouth ulcers in pregnancy. To curb the mouth ulcers you need to start maintaining a good oral health. In fact mouth ulcers can be scientifically defined as a condition which you can see in any individual and it is non contagious. They appear like open sores inside your mouth and it appears as a white or yellow colored spot which is covered by red color.

mouth ulcers during pregnancy

They are really painful and hurts most while eating or drinking or even while brushing your teeth.The causes of mouth ulcer while pregnant is yet not known however during these times your body seems to be going through a lot of changes which might lead to some issues as your body needs to adapt and be compatible with them. The most common change is hormonal changes or even wearing braces or while undertaking dental care these can also be the causes of Mouth ulcer as your body and mouth is still adapting to these changes. But then how to identify the mouth ulcer?

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Here are a Few Among Many of The Seen Symptoms of Mouth Ulcer:

The most common symptoms seen is the appearance of the eruption of a wound inside your mouth behind relevant spots like cheeks,tongue or even your lips. But some of the other severe symptoms includes

  • Difficulty in consuming food or talking
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Itchiness and irritation on the skin
  • Burning sensation of tongue and mouth area
  • And worst if all bad breathe and odor

There are also many different types of mouth ulcers based on the extent of occurrence.

However There Are Mainly 2 Types of Mouth Ulcers:

1. Minor Ulcer, 2. Major Ulcer

Minor Ulcer:

These are the most common type of mouth ulcers the wound is around 2-8 mm in diameter and in border .The areas affected by this kind if the floor of the mouth and the border of the tongue these ulcers don’t need an external treatment and go away in 10-12 days.

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Major Ulcer:

They can be defined as a sub type of minor ulcers since they are much more deeper and bigger. The wound created by these wounds are about 10 mm in diameter and has a deep impact on the infected area. As the impacts are more severe as seen in comparison with minor ulcers and hence they take more time to heal and they also have the potential to leave a scar.

Mouth Ulcers can also take place during early pregnancy too any ulcer which is effective for more than 2 weeks needs immediate diagnosis.

There are a variety of methods to treat these kinds of infection. There are a variety of medicine dosage suggested by dentists that offer to treat mouth ulcer. A mouth ulcer during these times have scores of treatment for it.

However for extra caution you should never try taking drugs without first consulting with your physician. Among the natural ways to treat ulcers is :-

  • Drinking enough water so that it helps in digestion and also allows you to cool down
  • Practicing yoga and meditation would help you have a relaxing mind and would also soothe your mood which would in turn calm you down and balance your changes
  • Taking a good night nap is also very essential for you and your baby.
  • Salt water gargles twice a day could help you a lot .
  • Following a healthy diet is also a must .

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Well we now hope that you understand getting mouth ulcer while pregnant is not at all a major crisis and it can be handled well enough if you start following up a healthy routine and maintain your dental health.