Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Rib pain is rather common when you’re usually in the third trimester of pregnancy. Some women might complain of it even earlier, however, if it’s more than mild discomfort, you might want to consult a doctor.

rib pain during pregnancy

Rib Pain During Pregnancy:


There are many reasons and the most common of it all is the pressure that you feel from the bottom owing to your growing uterus. Chances are, it could also be because your baby has just started kicking and you’re still not used to the idea. Another reason for sore ribs could be the position that your little one is in. When you lean forward and sense the pain, this could be it.

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Where there is a reason, people always tend to find solutions. So in case you are wondering what you need to carry out to relieve yourself of the discomfort that you are in, all during pregnancy, read on.

There isn’t too much that you can do to fix your uterus from growing bigger as it tries to develop the life inside you. However, there is just enough to go by and gain temporary relief occasionally. Of course, the so called ‘solutions’ and suggestions will not fix your dilemma, but your soreness will be gone ever before you know it. Besides, it only needs to be done until your baby drops down a little lower.

When pregnant, you obviously cannot go easy on the anti-inflammatories, which is why it is even more difficult to steer clear of the pain. However, in case the pain gets worse, you can always take a trip to your doctor’s clinic and maybe your midwife can come to your rescue, giving you panadeine or its forte version. However, it would be wise to avoid medications as far as possible, since it might lead to constipation, and you might barely be eager to invite such troubles.

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Tips For Sore Ribs:

Now, coming to the tips that could help you avoid rib pain during pregnancy. The key lies in making yourself as comfortable as it gets. Here’s how

  • Try wearing loose fitting clothes all through the day. This ensures that the pressure on your already paining rib is minimal and therefore you aren’t too worked up owing to the fabric.
  • When you are lying down, which is going to be most of the time now that you’re pregnant, support yourself with heavy build cushions, so your posture is correct and there is no scope of further elevation of the pain.
  • Avoid hunching down on a whole. To do so, support your back the most, thus creating room between your rib cage and the abdomen, which in turn will allow your pain to vanish temporarily. You can always repeat the procedure every time the soreness makes a return.
  • Always look for a hot shower and either heat or cold packs, whichever works like a charm for you. Do not sit down for too long. Try taking short walks and stretch breaks instead. Do make sure you don’t walk around way too much given your condition. Just a nice walk for a minute or two should do.
  • Try and swim if you can and eradicate all inflammation causing food, since they only make you feel worse. Try to cut out the foods that get you all bloated up, like sugar and grains, since this will significantly affect your gestational diabetes on a whole.
  • When down with rib pain while pregnant, stretching should help make things easier than what the scenario is. Here’s a rather easy way. Stand by a wall and face it. Cross your arms and bring it in front of your face. Try to lean your arms above your head and stretch out as far as possible until you are comfortable. What this does is lift your diaphragm and rib cage, so your uterus can breathe, thus releasing the pressure and providing a temporary relief, particularly when the reason behind the pain is a breach in your rib owing to your baby’s still developing head.
  • Therapy isn’t really a bad idea when you come to think of it. Osteopath, who usually performs the cranio sacral work, would be an ideal person to visit. You can also book an appointment with a chiropractor or an acupuncturist to ease the pain that won’t go away.
  • There is no denying that your therapist will know your body the best and can hence detect just what issues there might be. No matter if it’s just a teensy bit of whack or a roller coaster of pain, make sure to get it checked once just to be sure everything is all right with you and your little one.

Can Anything Stop Rib Pain During Pregnancy?

Chances are no. There is no solution for your rib pain, since it is caused by something that won’t just get going on its own. To ease the pain however, you could always try on some cooling pad or maybe rub a little Diclofenac Gel to numb the pain.

Aside all of that, the only thing that will truly help is giving birth! No kidding, and once you get there you will love what you have been through in the months.

The top of the uterus is highest around 36 months of your pregnancy and it is during this time that your child drops into the pelvic cavity and provides the much needed relief that you were sulking about.

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Now you know not only reasons for your rib pain but also measures to tone it down. Until you give birth there is rather little that you can do. But, in the end, when you see your child, it should all feel like it was worth the trouble that you underwent.