Top 11 Toys for Baby Boys

Top Toys for Baby Boys

Toys are the most appropriate for all babies but the confusion lies in choosing the most suitable baby toys for boys. Whether as a gift or for your own baby boy, Here are the latest toys for your little baby boy.

1. Figures:


Baby boys enjoy playing with various human action figures. Action figures are the doll-equivalent toys for baby boy. Babies tend to play with figures and indulge in make-belief, which is one of the first few signs of cognitive development. The only thing to keep in mind while buying figures, however, is to make sure that the figures do not have tiny parts which can be swallowed.

2. Float a Longs:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Float a Longs

To make the entire bathing process more fun and enjoyable, float-alongs are the best baby boy toys. They provide as an incentive for the baby to enjoy the cleaning process and inculcate a sense of hygiene too. Float-alongs include inflated balls, ducks, fish and other squeaky animal forms.

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3. Musical Toys:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys - Musical Toys

Given the amount of noise baby boys like to make, musical toys are the best toys for baby boys. These may include a set of rattles, drums, small pianos and musical keys. The sound stimulation encourages the baby to press different keys and produce varied music.

4. Teethers:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Teethers

Car-shaped, duck-shaped and ring-shaped teethers are among the most popular toys for baby boy. As new teeth begin to grow, the baby has a tendency to bite things. As such, teethers provide a very safe and regulated option to lessen this urge and provide healthy development.

5. Soothers:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Soothers

Baby boys tend to be overactive and when they fail to exercise any activity, they become cranky and difficult to handle. To avoid such a situation, soothers provide an excellent option among baby boy toys. Sucking on soothers calms the baby down and allows him to channelize his activity into something interesting rather than crying and making noise.

6. Play Gyms:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Play Gyms

At an age where baby boys crave physical activity but are unable to crawl or sit as yet, play gyms serve as the perfect entertainment for babies. Various toys can be left dangling from its arch and soft toys can be kept on the baby mats for the baby to enjoy.

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7. Stacking Rings:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are the first step to organised and coordinated motor activity for the baby. They consist of a set of colourful rings of different sizes and a single stick onto which these are to be stacked according to their size. The task is not only challenging but also mentally stimulating.

8. Manual Push Ride Ons:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Manual Push Ride Ons

Baby boys are prone to a high level of muscular activity and as such, push ride-ons are the best toys for baby boys. They are like basic versions of cycles, without pedals. The baby sits on the ride-on and moves ahead by pushing himself forward. This toy also promotes quick and adequate motor development for boys. This toy will help your baby exercise his legs more and grow more quickly.

9. Set of Colored Balls:

Top 9 Toys for Baby Boys -Set of Coloured Balls

Throwing, catching, grasping and kicking are the first few muscular impulses and reflexes that a baby develops. In his experimentation of exploring the environment, a baby boy often throws his toys to see the reaction this provokes in the guardian. As such, a set of soft, colourful balls is the perfect choice from among the various baby toys for boys. These are some of the best baby boy toys.

10. Vehicle Set:

Boys love playing with toys and these wooden set of cars, trucks and plane give them the experience they need. The toys are sturdy and the wheels and propellers make it fun for your little boy. The size of these toys are perfect and absolutely safe with no small parts.

11. Twisty Toy:

Boys love to twist and dismantle, just to build it on their own. This four-pawed toy, brings absolute delight to little boys and is absolutely portable. You can carry it with the baby in the car, stroller or crib. Babies get to explore senses and this tactile toy is just perfect for infant boys.

We have so far discussed toys that are suitable for baby boys; let’s now take a look at a few activities that you can take on with your little one.

1. Play roll a car with your baby boy:

When your toddler is old enough to sit, you could introduce toys that are big enough for them to hold. Boys being boys will love cars. You could roll the cars to them and encourage them to roll it back to you. This would help them understand how they need to take turns while growing up.

2. Educate your baby to stack things up:

This is a brilliant game to teach your toddler to arrange things around. You could use your plastics boxes or kitchen utensils to help your toddler stack things up in a systematic way. This will help them learn about precision, shapes and sizes.

3. Jiggle, jangle and spin:

Do you want your toddler to become more inquisitive about the mysterious colorful bottles lying around? Then this is the right game for you little boys. Fill in empty bottles with colorful things such as sand, beads, water, buttons, rice, etc., and watch your toddler crawl to grab the colorful objects.
However, ensure that the lids are sealed appropriately.

4. Obstacle course:

Little boys love obstacles. Create a safe obstacle course using pillows and small boxes that don’t cause any injury. This is a great activity for toddler boys.

5. Catch me if you can:

Before you begin, place your baby in a position that he can crawl, and then say, “I’m going to catch you” and crawl up to your baby for a kiss. This is a great activity that shows love and fun.

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Always, read the manufacturer’s recommendation for the use of toys. If you are worried about what to buy, your search ends here. This article gives you the best options for gifts for little boys and lists the best infant baby boy toys.

Toys form a major chunk of any baby’s material childhood. This is why it is important to choose the right kind and right quality of toys for your baby boy! Health concerns, material of the toys, the source of the purchase and reliability of the company producing the toys are indeed important considerations.