Top 9 Exercises To Do During First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy and working out are generally supposed to go hand in hand. If you were not into exercising before being pregnant then you can start now and extend it to a lifetime. But, when you are now doing them with your baby as well, you need to warm up a little before you get to them. You can also workout with a trainer who has an experience in the aspect of working out during pregnancy period. Now, you might be wondering what kind of exercises are best not only for you but for the baby as well. Well, since you are just getting started, let us have a look at some of the top pregnancy workouts for first trimester.

Simple Exercises To Do During First Trimester:

1. Wall Slide:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Wall Slide

As the name suggests, it is a simple wall slide. One of the very easy pregnancy exercises for first trimester. It is done by leaning your head, upper back and butt against the wall with your hands in a high five position along with the elbows bent at right angles. And now, keeping the elbows, wrists and hands pressed to the wall, slide your elbows down making you to squeeze your shoulder blades.

2. Body Weight Squat:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Body Weight Squat

This exercise requires you to stand as tall as possible with your feet spread out quite wide. You are then expected to lower your body as low as possible while keeping your knees bent and squat. You can then push yourself back up when after a small pause. Now isn’t one of the simplest pregnancy exercises for first trimester?

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3. Cat Camel:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Cat Camel

Positioning yourself on your hands and knees and follow it up with a gentle rising of your upper back towards the ceiling. Also, your lower back needs to be arched and your head needs to be lowered between your shoulders.

4. Clam Shell:

exercise during pregnancy first trimester

This is only opted while exercising while pregnant during first trimester. While lying on the floor towards your left with your hips and knees bent at an acute angle, make sure your right leg is on top of the left one and your heels are together. Keeping the feet in contact, slowly raise your right knee without moving your pelvis. You can return to your starting position after pausing for a moment.

5. Hip Raises:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Hip Raises

It required you to lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Now slowly raise your hips till they form a straight line up to your shoulders. You can lower yourself after a second’s pause.

6. Pelvic Tilt:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Pelvic Tilt

Get down to the floor on your hands and knees with your palms flat on the floor and make sure your lower back and abdomen are in their natural positions. Now, taking a deep breath you need to draw your stomach in and hold it and move your hips slowly so as to make sure only your pelvis moves and lower back flattens. This cycle needs to be repeated.

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7. Lying Tummy Pull:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Lying Tummy Pull

Lying on the floor with your face up and bent knees, you need to breathe in as if you have a pair of lungs in your tummy. Release your breath using your abdominal muscles to pull your belly in towards your spine. Repeat in cycles.

8. Kegels:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Kegels

While sitting comfortably on a chair you need to squeeze your pelvic floor muscle and pause for about 3 seconds.

9. Pilates:

Exercises To Do During First Trimester - Pilates

Building your balance and lowering your back pain, Pilates build core muscles. Overdoing is not recommended. Prenatal workout once a week is sufficient to help you build strength.

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Exercising while pregnant during first trimester will help you out to feel better and maintaining your weight and improves self esteem and prevents depression. This is why pregnancy exercises for first trimester are important.