Top 9 Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The most difficult part of a woman’s pregnancy starts as soon as the months start passing by and her body becomes heavier and her sickness becomes regular. Every doctor’s consultation includes a set of exercises to be done by the mother so that she does not feel sick and stays healthy throughout. The third trimester pregnancy exercises are the most important step of staying healthy and having a healthy baby. Pregnant women who workout during the third trimester of their pregnancy, enjoy a lot of physical health as well as mental benefits.


All the doctors suggest that the women should keep moving during the third trimester of their pregnancy. They should not keep sitting or lying down in one place. Their body movement will highly affect the child’s fitness and health.

We have a few third trimester exercises that can be done by the pregnant women in order to keep themselves and their babies fit.

Exercises for Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

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1. Warm Up:

pregnancy exercises third trimester

It is a universal rule to warm up the body before starting any kinds of workout. In case of pregnant women specially before starting any third trimester pregnancy workouts they should do a quick warm up so that they do not injure themselves or get a muscle pull pain their bodies.

2. Weight Lifting:

adigina daniki samadanam cheppu mundu - WEIGHT LIFTING

It is not as muscular and deadly as it sounds. Women during pregnancy can use small and light weights to do exercises in order to keep their arms strong and in shape. They can try doing it every alternate day. This way they can take a day’s rest in between which will help them in limbering down.

3. Cardio Workouts:

Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester - CARDIO WORKOUTS

During the third trimester pregnancy workout , one important thing is the cardio workout. It keeps the body in shape and fit which will affect the baby in a positive way. Women can do these workouts after the weight lifting days so that they do not make their muscles stiff.

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4. Walking:

adigina daniki samadanam cheppu mundu - WALKING

The exercises during third trimester will be very useful if the pregnant woman is also walking side by side . Going for a walk has been an ideal workout method since ages. The pregnant women should choose a proper path and walk for at least 10-15 minutes.

5. Stationary Bike Workout:

Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester - STATIONARY BIKE WORKOUT

We all have cycled our feet in the air while lying down in our childhood. This set of childhood exercise is a very good way of staying fit and healthy for the pregnant women. The women should three to four sets of these exercises on proper cycles and then take rest.

6. Stretching:

Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester - STRETCHING

One of the most important exercise during third trimester of pregnancy is stretching your body. It is always a relief when you stretch your body. Women can take help of a wall and stretch their arms and legs with full strength.

7. Squats:

Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester - SQUATS

All the pregnancy workouts of third trimester includes squats which is a very efficient way keeping oneself and the baby healthy. Women can use walls or even do it by lying down. It helps in keeping the baby fit and improves your legs strength.

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8. Knee Push Ups:

Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester - KNEE PUSH UPS

The pregnant women cannot do push-ups in a proper way and neither it is suitable for them to do these. Instead they should lie down on their knees and then do set of push-ups. 4-5 sets daily will be ideal to remain fit.

9. Butterfly Move:

Exercises You Can Do During Third Trimester - BUTTERFLY MOVE

Sit down with folded legs and hold your feet with your hands and then move your legs up and down. This workout is the most suitable for third trimester exercises. It keeps you legs in shape and keeps the baby healthy and fit.

Now that you know all the third trimester pregnancy exercises ladies we hope you will follow them regularly and have a healthy life and a healthy baby.