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Wine During Pregnancy

You and your occasional glass of wine is a story that everyone knows of, but the worry that gets everyone is the same. Now that you are pregnant, will it be easy for you to get rid of your wine comfort? Is it harmful for the baby to have wine when pregnant? With conflicting theories that all tend to confuse you in the end, which path do you ultimately follow?

Wine During Pregnancy

So, needless to say when you are pregnant, everything needs extra caution and scrutiny since now everything holds a potential power to bring harm to either you or your baby, even if you think you have been consuming it for so long and it should be safe. Much of that goes for the wine you have been having so far as well. You might have heard stories both ways- how the mother gave birth to a healthy baby despite the wine and how a mother couldn’t. So are the harmful side effects of wine just an old woman’s tale and it has no impact on your child? The risks might not be directly involved, but they exist and are very real. So refrain from raising a toast and read on.

Let us first brush through some facts that you need to know of before you pour yourself another glass of wine.

It isn’t safe to drink alcohol since it risks your child to FSAD. FSAD stands for foetus alcohol spectrum disorder and can put you into risk as well apart from affecting your unborn child’s growth.
Even the tiniest glass of red wine during pregnancy can have an effect as bad as that of having a can of beer. Think wisely since all your alcohol is in the blood and can reach your baby through your umbilical cord.

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All pregnancies are different and every woman and their body type are different. How your body reacts to you condition and wine is on a whole independent of others’ opinion. What might lead you to trouble might not change a single thing about another mother. What you need to know however is that your baby’s growth is affected by the amount of drink you have. The more you have the more it affects your child. Does not necessarily mean it is entirely okay to drink even a little.

When you aren’t pregnant, a glass of wine enhances your diet and makes healthy digestion possible. However in pregnancy, the scenario is entirely different and views all around are debatable. Red wine does help soothe your nerves and is thus recommended by doctors in France, however is entirely avoided by physicians in the US who think red wine might lead to adverse issues in your unborn baby.

So, even if you get an okay from your doctor, always remember to take a note of exactly how much he deems okay. How much alcohol content in the wine is considered safe is another topic that you need to put stress on. After all, when it comes to your child’s health, you need enough support to get you through the months, especially when you are already having trouble staying off limits.

Your alcohol intake and FASD risks are directly proportional, so you need to be honest and talk to your health care provider right away about the details and what can be done from that point on. It might obviously not be possible to determine right away if your baby has FASD. You can keep diagnosing your pregnancy instead to know if everything is all right with the pregnancy. Early help in the pregnancy can most certainly help your child reach where he should in the development and growth ladder.

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A few things that should help you with your alcohol trouble are. Do keep your prenatal checkups marked and see the doctor just like you were scheduled to. Being scared won’t help. Optimism is the key here. Try speaking to your healthcare provider about all the practices with alcohol you had until you were pregnant. Also tell them about when your last drink was and its content.

Any tips from your center of healthcare should benefit you in the long run. There are specific tests sometimes at clinics to assess your drinking habits on a whole and exercising a routine accordingly to keep your mind deviated. Ask for the tests from your doctor and keep them in mind throughout the pregnancy.

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The moment you find about your pregnancy, you ought to keep yourself under control. A good idea would be to call up your friends and  family for help. Tell them you want to do everything to give birth to a healthy child. That should get them to work on your alcohol habits. Ask them to take away the extra bottles that you bought. A single positive approach should take you a long way.

It might be so that you can’t help but constantly have the urge to keep drinking. This might lead to a trigger in your old habit. Keep in touch with your physician and have their number on your speed dial so every time you want to call for their help with your habits, they can assist you with the same effectively.

Keep your mind busy with things like maternity shopping, going to parenting classes, knowing all about the changes you will undergo, so on and so forth.

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Even though there aren’t direct involvements with health scares and wine when it comes to your unborn baby, even so you would want to steer clear of even the slightest danger in these 9 months, because the effects of wine are all different among different women and not choosing wine over pregnancy would be a wise decision to make.

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