Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Celebrity Tattoos – Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Beth Lucas tattoos are a really well-planned set of skin-art, which she’s been working on for about six years. Beth is a fabulously talented acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia and the different thing about Beth Lucas tattoos is that they are incredibly artistic and original!

Beth Lucas’ tattoos – right arm

In this great pic of Beth performing, she has a gorgeous, full-sleeve tattoo on her right arm. This is the largest of Beth Lucas’ tattoos and contains a mix of traditional images including climbing roses, a dagger, a Victorian heart-shaped gold lock without a key, a snake and on the inside of her arm, a small song-bird cage!

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

(Beth Lucas’ tattoos – climbing roses right sleeve)

The gold lock heart is placed on the back of her elbow and symbolises that her heart is free. It’s a ‘key-hole’ through which we can see something blue, which suggests wide blue horizons and crossing a blue ocean.

There’s a definite feeling that through this Australian ‘key-hole’, the rest of the English-speaking world is waiting to be explored and conquered by Beth and her music!

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Beth Lucas tattoos – thigh

Taken from an original canvas painting by Tilly Dee, the tattoo-artist at Sacred Skin Tattoo, this image was inspired by the song, Need I Remind You, by the Major League and contains the lyric, ‘I wish time was on our side . . .’

I’ve never seen such a fabulous tattoo as this old-fashioned hour-glass surrounded by purple roses with pink tips. There’s also an antique gold pocket watch with a blue and white striped face and the gold chain winds in and around the lovely bouquet of flowers!

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Tattoos on Beth’s left leg

To show the importance of music in Beth’s life, she has a large ‘treble clef’ symbol in black tattooed on the back of her right calf.

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Beth Lucas tattoos – left arm

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Already in place on her inner left arm are these tattoos of an old-fashioned microphone surrounded by vivid red roses and leaves.

Cassette-heart and Gothic cross

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

There’s witty black outline tattoo of a cassette tape on the outside of her left arm, which has the loose tape drawn into a heart-shape around it. This shows Beth’s love for great musicians of the past.

There’s a small ‘x’ tattoo that Beth says represents a kiss, but we don’t know who from! And a really cool ‘squiggle’ tattoo that’s actually the Thai ‘lucky number’ 9!

Pegasus/unicorn ‘freedom’ tattoo

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Another of the fabulous Beth Lucas tattoos touches on mythology with this beautiful chestnut-red unicorn with wings! It’s the work of talented tattooist Ash Against, from 198 Tattoo, and is placed just below the cassette heart.

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

This tattoo is a whimsical blend of the unicorn – a white horse with a sharp, twisted horn on the brow – and Pegasus, the famous white, flying horse of ancient Greek myths.

This original twist shows a chestnut-red winged unicorn. Full marks to tattoo-artist, Ash Against, for this impressive image of ‘freedom’ in Beth Lucas tattoos!

Beth’s Tattoos – Upper left arm

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

The gleaming Christian cross tattooed in Beth’s upper left arm is drawn in the Gothic style, as a black outline tattoo, complete with lines showing it’s shining with holy light!

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

The cute black outlined cherub surrounded by clouds and blowing a trumpet is another Christian image, which has several different religious meanings.

Beth Lucas matching tattoos

Beth has a matching tattoo with her boyfriend that makes two linked phrases when they put their four wrists together. Beth’s tattoo words say, ‘Born Free’, and her boyfriend’s say, ‘Live Free’ in flowing vintage hand-writing style!

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

‘In love we stand’ lyric

And another image of love and freedom appears in the little blue diamond with a tiny, flying swallow covering it. It’s placed on Beth’s rib-cage (right side), with her own lyrics – ‘In love we stand’ tattooed by the side.

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Which of Beth Lucas tattoos is her favourite?

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

During a recent TV interview, Beth was asked which her favourite tattoo is. She replied that she loves them all, but her favourite has to be her family’s initials, which are tattooed on her inner left arm.

Will Beth Lucas tattoos extend to other areas of her body?  

Yes, Beth has said she plans to have two full arm sleeve tattoos and a full sleeve tattoo on each thigh. But she’s planning carefully and says, ‘. . . good things take time and I’m not in any rush right now.’