Top 25 Short Angled Bob Haircuts Right Now

Top 25 Short Angled Bob Haircuts Right Now

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#24: Jaw-Length Bob

This look is a classic, and it will ever go out of style. It’s good if you still want length around your face but still have some fullness without being too short. Be prepared to style it every day. It’s not a wash-and-go kind of deal. A good blowdry will do wonders with this style, depending on your texture.

Top 25 Short Angled Bob Haircuts Right Now

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#25: Choppy Blonde with an Undercut

This cut is timeless and low maintenance for the most part. We shaved her underneath to create a little of an undercut because her hairline has quite a few cowlicks. It was a fun way to help that problem and look super cute even if she wants to tie it back a bit.

My favorite part about it is that it’s supposed to look carefree and effortless, so when she styles it in the morning, she doesn’t have to think about it again! We went with cooler tones for her highlights, and I just think it goes so well with her skin tone.

I think this style works great with hair on the thinner side. It looks at more body. It’s great for any lifestyle as this particular client is in the active military living on base, with two small kids, I might add.

Straight bobs with this hair type are so simple to style and always look cute. A few passes with the curling iron, and she’s good to go!