18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

When compared to other Telugu_speaking regions, Telangana has a culture that is quite distinct and is a separate state from the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. The festivals of Telangana are marked with well_defined rituals, legends, veritable customs, and characterized by colors. Consequently, the calendar in Telangana has a multi_hued tapestry of celebrations with innumerable festivals and fairs.

The celebrations of Telangana are unique to themselves as they are customized per the lore and legend of the region. So let us know more about this article.

18 Main Festivals Celebrated in Telangana with Images:

The festivals of Telangana create equal and uniform fervor of festivities as it encompasses people of all castes and faiths. The two things that are unique to the state are the exceptional veneration of female deities and the universality of the festivities.

1. Bathukamma Festival:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Bathukamma festival is one of the famous festivals of Telangana and is celebrated before the onset of winter during half monsoon. First, Bathukamma is decorated by attractively placing different varieties of flowers. Then, women and children identify the Bathukamma in the center and sing songs moving around it, rhythmically clapping their hands. Then, at last, the Bathukamma is immersed in the water. The reason for this celebration is that the flowers can cleanse the rivers and lakes naturally.

Key Attraction: Young girls and Women sing beautiful songs and dance around the Bathukamma arrangement. When: September_October. Where: All over Telangana. Duration of Festival: Nine days.

2. Bonalu Festival:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Bonas are one of the traditional folk festivals celebrated in the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana during the Telugu month of Ashada (July or August). During this festival, women prepare Bonam (brass pot) filled with milk, jaggery and cooked rice and perform special pujas for Mahakali Amma. The pot is decorated with turmeric, neem leaves, kumkum and is offered to Goddess as a thanksgiving by carrying on their heads.

The Bonalu celebrations start at the Golconda fort on the first Sunday, the second Sunday at the Ujjaini Mahakali Temple in Secunderabad and Balkampet Yellamma temple in Balkampet. The third Sunday is at the Pochamma and Katta Maisamma temple and Matheswari temple of Lal Darwaza in the old city during the Telugu month Ashaadam. Other temples such as the Akkana Madanna Temple in Haribouli and the Muthyalamma Temple in Shah Ali Banda are famous venues for Bonalu. Millions of devotees flock to the temples to visit Goddess Mahakali.

Key Attraction: Women prepare a Bonam and offer it to the Goddess by carrying it on their heads, Pothuraju, Rangam, Ghatam. When: July_August. Where: Twin Cities and other parts of Telangana. Duration of Festival: Four Sundays of Ashadam where two days are celebrated in different areas.

3. Dussehra:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022


Dussehra is called Dasara or VIjayadasami in the southern states of India. The festival is celebrated for ten days, and each day is dedicated to a different avatar of the Goddess such as Annapurna, Lakshmi, etc. On the ninth day, ayudhapuja is conducted, where people offer prayers to all the instruments in their life. On the tenth day, the Goddess is decorated as MaaDurga.

Key Attraction: The Goddess is dressed up in different avatars for the nine days, and on the tenth day, she is decorated as Durga Devi. When: September_October. Duration of Festival: Ten days.

4. Ganesh Chaturthi:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Although Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India, the GaneshChaturthi in Telangana has its unique charm. This festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha, and devotees perform pooja with different leaves and flowers with utmost devotion. Several pandals across the state host the idols immersed in water either on the third, fifth, or ninth day. Several dishes which are considered the favorites of Ganesha, like Undrallu, Modaka, are prepared.

Key Attraction: Lord Ganesha’s large pandals, Nimarjan procession. When: August or September. Where: All over the state, but popularly in Hyderabad. Duration of Festival:11 days.

5. Holi:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Holi is yet another festival celebrated all over the country and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It is a fun_filled festival where people, irrespective of religion, shed their inhibitions and have fun. The love story between Radha and Krishna is why a tradition of throwing bright colors has come to the fore. The Holi in Telangana brings everyone together for a fun_filled experience.

Key Attraction: Kids and adults enjoying by playing with colors. When: March. Where: All over the state. Duration of Festival: One day.

6. Sankranti:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Sankranthi is a harvest festival celebrated with great pomp in Telangana. This festival is celebrated for three days; the first day is Bhogi, the second is Sankranthi, and the last day is Kanuma. On Bhogi, people burn old things eliminating the negativity from their lives. The front area of the houses is beautifully decorated with colorful rangolis and gobbemma (dung balls). People wear new clothes and greet each other, offering respect to the harvest produced. In addition, the Telangana government organizes an international kite festival on the necklace road on the banks of Hussain Sagar lake.

Key Attraction: Beautiful rangolis in front of the houses, people of ages enjoy flying kites. When: January. Where: All over the state. Duration of Festival: Three days.

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7. Diwali:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 202218 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Diwali in Telangana is celebrated beautifully and is a depiction of the victory of good over evil. Also called the festival of lights, it is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated on the new moon day. The moonless sky is lit with brightness with firecrackers, and the houses look bright with diyas.

Key Attraction: Firecrackers and brightly lit houses. When: October or November. Where: All across Telangana. Duration of Festival: One day.

8. Ugadi:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

The Ugadi or Yugadi festival in Telangana is marked as the Telugu new year per the Hindu lunisolar calendar. It is also called Samvatsaradi, meaning the beginning of a new year. People prepare Ugadipachadi (pickle) during this festival, which combines six tastes such as spice, sweet, and two types of sour, bitter, and salt. This pickle signifies the way life is, and we should stand tall during happiness and adversities.

Key Attraction: Ugadipachadi (pickle) is prepared with a combination of six types of tastes, Panchangasravanam. When: March or April. Where: All over Telangana. Duration of Festival: One day.

9. Ramzan:

18 Famous Telangana Fairs and Festivals Names List 2022

Ramzan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal in Telangana. It is celebrated as per the Islamic calendar, according to the visibility of the moon. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, avoiding any food or drink, including water. Instead, Muslims eat a pre_fast meal called suhur before sunrise. Halim is one of the special dishes you can find during the holy month of Ramzan.

Key Attraction: Charminar is a place where you can find beautiful things to buy all day, but during the holy month, the beauty increases, Halim, A variety of sweet dishes. When: April_May. Where: All over the state. Duration of Festival: 29 to 30 days.

10. Peerla Panduga:

Muharram is an important festival for Muslims and is called Peerla Panduga in Telangana. People go on processions during this festival by chanting YaHussain, representing a group of Sufi Shrines. Peerla Panduga is an occasion of great sorrow for the Muslims as they mourn the death of Imam Hussein.

Key Attraction: Muslims pray for forgiveness in a gathering. When: August. Where: All over the state. Duration of Festival: One day.

11. Medaram Jatara:

Medaram Jatara is the most significant tribal festival in Telangana and is popularly known as Sammakka Saralamma Jatara. This fair is celebrated in the village of Medaram every two years, and it honors the mother, daughter goddesses Sammakka, Saralamma, who died during an epic fight. On the evening of the full moon, the Saralamma goddess is brought from the Kanneboyinapalle village. This is followed by people getting the Sammakka goddess from the town of Chilukalagutta. It is estimated that almost 1.3 crore people attend this Jatara, which is second to Kumbh Mela.

Key Attraction: Exhibitions. When: February. Where: Medaram. Duration of Festival: Four days.

12. Peddagattu Jatara:

Peddagattu Jatara is the second biggest religious gathering in Telangana, which is celebrated every two years. It is a Jatara celebrated in the name of Goddess Choudamma and Lord Lingamanthulu, the presiding deities. During the five_day fete, various pujas are offered to the gods as people believe they are the incarnation of Lord Shiva and his sister Choudamma. This Jatara has an attendance of an estimated 10 to 15 lakh devotees.

Key Attraction: Several rituals are performed. When: February. Where: Durajpally. Duration of Festival: Five days.

13. Edupayala Jatara:

Nagsanpalli is a small region in Medak district that comes to life with the celebration of the EdupulapayaJatara during the time of Shivaratri every year. The name means the confluence of seven rivers of the Manjeerariver, and it has gained religious significance over the years. Devotees from all over Telangana come to remove their sins and pay their respects to the deities, and it attracts almost five lakh pilgrims. People sacrifice chickens and sheep to please the Goddess and ask for the fulfilment of their wishes. Since most devotees spend at least one night in this place, this Jatara becomes even more special.

Key Attraction: Shops and stalls selling a variety of things. When: February. Where: Edupulapaya, Medak district. Duration of Festival: Three days.

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14. Kurumurthy Swamy Jatara:


Kurumurthy Swamy Jatara is celebrated by the people of Telangana during November, lasting seven days. This temple is considered the Tirupathi of the poor, and many devotees attend this Jatara to offer prayers and darshan of the deity of Lord Vishnu. Ttthhhe Sri Vari Uddava Seva is the essential part of the Brahmotsavalau celebration, where the footwear of the lord is presented to the Kurumurthy Swamy with a procession with the attendance of thousands of devotees.

Key Attraction: Brahmotsavalu celebrations. When: November. Where: Kurupathi hills, Mahbubnagar district. Duration of Festival: Seven days.

15. Komuravelli Mallanna Jatara:

Komuravelli Mallikarjuna Swamy Jatara is celebrated in the temple with the same name in the Komuravelli village of Siddipet district. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Shiva at this Jatara, and it is observed during Maha Shivaratri. Another attraction of the Mela is the drawing of a special rangoli in front of the temple balcony by the Oggu Pujari group. This Jatara is attended by a minimum of 10000 people from all over Telangana.

Key Attraction: Special rangoli (Patnam) in front of the temple balcony, OgguKatha. When: January_April. Where: Komuravelli, Siddipet district. Duration of Festival: Two_Three months.

16. Chittaramma Jatara:


ChittarammaJatara is celebrated in the temple with the same name, located in GajulaRamaram village in Hyderabad, and it is considered one of the famous festivals in the state. It is celebrated as per the Telugu calendar during the PushyaMasam. Chittaramma is the grama devata or the local Goddess of the Gajularamaram village. People from all over the state come to this temple to offer prayers approximated to over three lakh devotees.

Key Attraction: Huge gathering of people to offer prayers to the Goddess. When: January. Where: Gajula Ramaaram. Duration of Festival: One day.

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17. Sadar Festival:

The Yadav community of Hyderabad celebrates the Sadar festival in Telangana with great enthusiasm. It is celebrated on the second day of Deepawali, and it is also called Dunnapothula Panduga. The owners of buffaloes celebrate this festival with vigor. First, the most robust buffalo is paraded and later rewarded, which is selected by the head of the Yadav family. Subsequently, all the buffaloes are decorated beautifully and taken for a parade on the streets of Hyderabad by repeating the chants Wah Wah Yadav.

Key Attraction: Parade of beautifully decorated buffaloes, tricks performed by the buffaloes. When: October or November. Where: Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Duration of Festival: One day.

18. Numaish (Exhibition):

Numaish or Numaish Masnuat_e_Mulki is an annual consumer exhibition held in Telangana in Hyderabad. The permanent venue for this Exhibition is in Nampally, and it is one of its kind in the world it lasts for 46 days with tens of thousands of people visiting in a single day. This Exhibition has a display of products from every nook and corner of India. It also provides entertainment and food for the people who come to shop here.

Key Attraction: Stalls selling clothes, jewellery, and crafts from all over India. When: January_February. Where: Nampally, Hyderabad. Duration of Festival: 46 days.

India is a country that has multiple regions which have cultures that are unique to itself. The festivals of Telangana give you an insight into the tradition and culture of the area. The people of this state celebrate all their festivities with great pomp. If you do want to enjoy the local tradition of Telangana, plan your trip around the major festivals. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

1. Which is the Prominent Festival of Telangana?

Ans: All the festivals mentioned in this article are celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. Dussera is considered Pedda Panduga or the main festival, unique to Telangana because Bathukamma is a part of Dussera festivities.

2. What are the Famous Foods you Must try in Telangana?

Ans: Here are some of the foods list you must try without fail if you plan to visit Telangana:

Sakinalu. Sarva Pindi. Tamarind rice. Pachipulusu. Hyderabadi biryani. Garijalu. Golichina Mamsam.

3. What are the Famous Sarees Available in Telangana?

Ans: Telangana has various sarees that are unique to the state and are known for their unique weaving patterns. Every district has its speciality and uniqueness apart from the designs and fabric. Some of the famous sarees of the state are:

Pochampally Sarees. Narayanpet Sarees. Ikkat Sarees. Gadwal Sarees. Kat Sarees. Khadi Sarees. Super_net Sarees.