19 Famous Kanyakumari Tourist Places To Visit

Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu is the southernmost top of the Indian Peninsula. The place is known from its beaches, hills and rivers. The district has a blend of culture, architecture, traditions of the south India, etc. Cape Comorin, where the three water bodies meet is the main attraction of all the tourists.

Best Tourist Places To Visit In Kanyakumari District:

Below we have given list of beautiful and best tourist places in kanyakumari to visit which will give a wonderful time for you entire your trip.

1. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial:


Mahatma Gandhi Memorial has been made in honor of the Father on the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The memorial was shortly built after the independence and also after Gandhiji’s demise. His ashes had been kept there for some time, before it was disposed off in the sea from Kanyakumari.

2. Thirparappu Falls:


Thirparappu is waterfall which is offers a beautiful picturesque. The waterfall descends from the Kodayar River. The easiest way to go to the falls for an excursion or for an adventurous day would be through the village of Nagercoil. Most of the tourists said that this destination is one of the most exciting places in kanyakumari to visiting.

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3. Thiruvalluvar Statue:


Thiruvalluvar is an immortal poet of south India. He had lived somewhere around the 2 Century BC to 8th Century AD. The archaeologists have discovered his writings and the evidence that he lived. The statue of Thiruvalluvar has been made in his memory. The pedestal on which the statue lies is about 38 ft tall and the statue on top of that is 95 ft tall.

4. Tirunelveli:


Tirunelveli is a small city where people travel from Kanyakumari mainly because of the temples and historical places. The most important attraction temples here are Muruga Temple, Tenkasi and Sankarankovil. It also has a famous waterfall called Courtallam, and it is crowded during the summer season. The water is known to have medicinal properties.

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5. Padmanabhapuram Palace:


Padmanabhapuram Palace is one of the palaces in India which symbolizes the cultural heritage and diversity. The most unique part of this palace is that it has been entirely made of wood and not any other substance. The Kerala government takes care of the palace and it attracts more than 100 visitors every day. It has been notes to be one of the 10 best palaces in the world. No doubt it is one of the most beautiful spots in kanyakumari district.

6. Udayagiri Fort:


Udayagiri Fort is an ancient fort which has been packed with history. The fort had been built for defense around 1600. The Dutch has occupied the fort in 18th Century and then named it De Lannoy Fort. A portion of the fort presently belongs to the bio diversity park and attracts many tourists. Your trip never fulfilled without visiting this mind blowing sight seeing attraction.

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7. Sanguthurai Beach:


The force of the Indian Ocean can be felt in the Sanguthurai Beach; it is a beautiful place full of white sand and seems like a perfect coastline. The Vivekananda Rock is at times visible from this place and also a white pillar protruding from the sea. The temperature makes it apt to take a quick dip in the waters, especially during summers.

8. St. Xavier’s Church:


As India was once under the British people, they had built a lot of Churches here as well which makes the country all the more cosmopolitan. St. Xavier’s Church is one of the famous churches of the south. It had been built in the 1600 AD, by St. Francis Xavier and the church still remains to be a historic site through centuries.

9. Wax Museum:


The Wax Museum is unique from forts, monument and museums. It consists of important figures from the Indian History who has been made into wax statues, to give them a realistic look and to keep them alive, in the minds of people, forever. Wax museum is one of the wonderful kanyakumari tourist places to visit which will make happy when you seeing that destination.

10. Thirunanthikarai Cave Temple:


Thirunanthikarai Cave Temple is an ancient temple which acts as a symbolic pillar of Indian religion and culture. There were many sculptures in the cave temple which are presently extinct. They are now under the Archaeological Survey of India. It is one of the most sightseeing places of interest in kanyakumari.

11. Vivekananda Rock Memorial:


The Swami Vivekananda memorial stands as a source of inspiration and a symbol of purity for the entire nation. This is a must visit place for religious people and admirers. It displays the architectural blend of the nation and is one of the best tourist place in Kanyakumari.

12. Kanyakumari Beach:


Located on the southern most tip of the Indian Peninsula, the Kanyakumari Beach is a top-notch tourist place in Kanyakumari. Although, this beach is not easy to walk on, the lighthouse offers a magnificent view which makes the troublesome walk worth it. From the lighthouse you can see the union of the Arabian sea, the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean which is a delight to the eyes, especially during sunrise and sunset. This is one of the best Kanyakumari tourist places.

13. Mathur Aqueduct:


So, get this: An Aqueduct built over a river surrounded by a wide variety of trees, reinforced by 28 pillars making it the biggest aqueduct in Asia! Enough said, right? This place beats all the other places to visit in Kanyakumari. The Mathur Aqueduct offers a fantastic aerial view of the Pahruli river flowing underneath.

14. Baywatch Amusement Park:


It’s filled with fun rides for adults and children. A water themed amusement park that’s perfect during summer vacation. Its got a lot of overwhelming rides. Never miss this exciting tourist places to visit in kanyakumari district.

15. Courtallam Falls:


Situated in the western ghats of Tamil Nadu, The Courtallam falls is an important tourist spot. Flowing through a forest of herbs, it is said to have curative powers. The Courtallam town itself has natural beauty in abundance. It’s one of the key places to visit near Kanyakumari.

16. Thanumalayan Temple:


Established in the 17th century this temple has beautiful sculptures and is an important Hindu Temple. Four musical pillars carved out of single stone is a highlight in its architecture, and is considered to be architectural achievement.

17. Kanyakumari Temple:


Commonly known as Bhagavathi Amman Temple, it is located near the point where three water bodies meet. The Indian ocean, The Arabian sea and The Bay of Bengal. This temple is known for its pompous celebration of the Navratri festival. During this festival, the goddess is taken on a beautifully decorated boat onto the ocean where the three seas meet and over 10,000 people visit the temple during the festival.

18. Suchindram Temple:


Suchindram is a temple town, housing almost 15 temples. All the 15 temples have great legends and fascinating stories about their origin. Some of the main temples have majestically elevated entrances. Apart from the town Suchindram itself, there are many other Hindu temples in its close proximity.

19. View Tower And Telescope House:


The view tower gives you a complete panorama of all the beaches and convergence of the oceans. No amount of time is sufficient to watch the magnificent sunrises and sunsets from the view tower. If you visit this tourist place in kanyakumari that makes happy ever.

Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin is a perfect tourist setting with a wide range of restaurants and accommodations, home to numerous beaches and the union of three oceans make it an all time favorite tourist spot. Don’t miss these beautiful Places To Visit In Kanyakmari.