4 Famous Parks in Ernakulam with Pictures

Parks are a haven for city dwellers, a respite for weary travellers and an endearment for tourists. From Amusement parks to Water parks, Public parks to National parks, each one has its own allure and adds to the beauty of every city while some form the very existence of plant and animal life. As we travel down south to the commercial city of Kerala.

Beautiful Parks in Ernakulam with Images:

Here’s a look at some of the various parks in Ernakulam.

1. Subhash Bose Park:

parks in ernakulam

Situated in the heart of Kerala’s Ernakulam city, Subhash Bose Park is a perfect relaxation spot where one can go for long walks and take in the magnificent sights of the backwaters of the Kochi Lake and its nearby harbor dotted with fishing boats and canoes, docked ships, and even impressive yachts of tourists from various parts of the world that lie anchored near Bolgatty palace.

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2. Children’s Park:


Children’s Park in Ernakulam that’s also known as Indira Priyadarshini Park offers a lifetime of entertainment for children of all ages. Some of the highlights of the park are its pedal boating pond, roller skating classes, and mini toy train that takes children on a joyride throughout the entire park. A musical fountain in the midst of the park is another attraction where children can be seen dancing to the tune of the music played.

The newest addition is a renewable Energy Park where children are educated on the many natural energy sources and their functioning. The holiday season brings loads of activities for children like music and dance, painting and drawing, all of which seek to nurture their raw talent and keep them regaled at the same time.

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3. Veegaland Amusement and Water Park:


India’s first water theme park is located at Pallikkara in Ernakulam district at a height of 77 m above sea level. The park is built according to International standards and therefore sets the bar when it comes to safety and hygiene. The water from the water based rides and pools undergo a stringent water purification process while the safety harnesses of the more electrifying rides are checked daily.

The rides in the park are categorized as water rides, hair-raising rides, kiddie rides, and family rides that are suited for people of all ages. The park is further beautified with plants and trees making it a nice picnic spot as well.

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4. Park Avenue:


Park Avenue in Kochi or Ernakulam is a famous boulevard lined with over 45 flowering trees on both sides. The 1 km stretch starts from Gandhi Round and terminates at Broadway. The road is located in a park area amidst the backdrop of several historical buildings. The trees towering above form a canopy over the road, giving it an old charm and definitely making it a place well worth visiting.