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9 Best Camping Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Camping in today’s economy is the best option for family trips. It is an inexpensive way to take your family away from the fast paced technology savvy world surrounding them and help them reconnect with nature and with each other. Away from your regular television sets, computers etc your kids get a chance to be kids the old fashioned way and you get to communicate and notice one another in a manner which was impossible before. Here are nine requisites that you need to know about camping.


Camping Tips and Tricks for Beginners:

Choose a Realistic Destination:

When planning your first camping trip don’t try to be over zealous and choose some adventurous spot that actually requires a lot of work and adjusting which you will be unable to handle. If you’re going camping in the winter make sure you ask yourself the right questions like would you be comfortable with sleeping on snow? Or how much cold are you willing to bear? If you are not a great fan of the cold then you should wait and postpone your trip for more moderate climates.

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Check The Weather Forecast:

Before you plan or set out on your camping trip make sure to check the weather forecast so that you can be equipped for what ever weather anomaly the fate has prepared for you. Pack according to the expected temperature. If it’s going to rain, make sure you take covering for your stuff. This is the best camping tips for beginners.

Make Sure You Have Proper Clothing:

When you go camping in the winters it is extremely important that you carry the necessary clothing like woollen socks, sweaters, jackets, thermal underwear and gloves. If it’s the rainy season don’t forget your overcoat and gum boots. Down garments are best suited for the dry climates.

Warm Your Sleeping Bag Before You go To Sleep:

Your sleeping bag generally stays cold for some time even after you have crept inside the covers. To prevent this use a hot water bottle to preheat your sleeping bag. Your body heat takes a lot of time to warm up the covers. Pre heating it makes you cosy and warm fast. However make sure that your hot water bottle isn’t leaky as that would be disastrous! Put the bottle inside your bag twenty minutes before going to sleep and it will serve its purpose well. This is the great idea to camping tips for beginners.

Prepare Easy Meals in Summer and Hearty Ones in Winter:

When camping in winter be sure to carry good supplies of your favourite hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, tea and so on. Cook hearty lunches like canned soup or stews. Sandwiches and fruits serve fine in summers but winters require a little heavier and more filling meals.

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Pack Lots of Entertainment:

Pack lots of entertainment because while camping can be a great way of reconnecting with your family, you can also get too bored too fast and boredom shall in no way help you in making your family feel closer. So pack cards, board games, reading material and so on.

Gear up For Your Kids:

Getting kids excited is an easy task. Getting them excited about camping is even easier. You include them in the planning, buy cool camping gear for them and voila! You’ll have them jumping about in no time at all. Buy funky tents and cool sleeping bags. Glow sticks are another thing that never fails to hold the kids in awe.

Make a List And Check it Twice:

Make a list of all your requisites and check it twice before leaving your house because once you’re out in the wild there will be no going back and you don’t want to be the one to tell everyone else that you forgot to bring the water or you forgot the tent or something else equally important.

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Be Safe:

If you’re out camping with kids choose a location that close to a city or a hospital. Carry your own first aid kit with all the necessary medicines. You can’t ever be too cautious when it comes to your kids’ safety. this is important camping tips for beginners.

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