9 Best Entertainment Camps for Children

Sending your child away to camp is not an easy task. You have to make sure that you have picked out the perfect camp for them, then you have to take care while packing for them and lastly you have to endure the time that they will be away from you. This last task often proves to be the toughest. But knowing that wherever your kid is, he or she is safe helps make you feel better. So here is a list of the nine best camps for children to help make your decision easier.

Entertainment Camps for Children:

1. JCC Camp Chi, Wisconsin:

This camp is located not a mile from the famous Wisconsin Dells. Safe in its location, it offers your kid a host of activities to take part in. They can do horseback riding, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, water tubing, water boarding, rope climbing and so on. all the activities are supervised by professionals so there is no danger to your child’s safety. For further details contact- 608.253.1687

2. Camp Mesorah:

This is an orthodox Jewish co-ed summer camp located in the sprawling hills of upstate Guilford, New York. Camp Mesorah helps your kid build new friendships and make life long memories. Its activities are varied and all kinds of fun. They include Torah learning, swimming, exploring, cooking, dancing, banana boating, bar-b-ques, archery and night activities. For further details contact – 845-362-7778

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3. Plantation Farm Camps, California:

This camp is located on a farm in the midst of the coastal Sonoma Redwoods, California. The campers enjoy all the usual athletic and creative camping activities. Besides these they have to each contribute to the chores of the camp. The kids assist in the cooking, shearing of sheep, knitting and other such activities too. Every Saturday they get to attend a Barn Dance! For further details contact – (510) 849-1084

4. Camp Shane, New York And Arizona:

Camp Shane is like any other traditional summer camp except that it’s for fat kids and helps them control their obesity in a manner different form the usual boot camp or fat camps. Camp Shane organizes fun activities like the traditional summer camps and even though it’s a weight loss camp, it does not issue any restriction on the food that the kids get to eat! Even then it has recorded 42 years of successful experience. For further details contact- 914-271-4141

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5. Surf Diva’s All-Girls Overnight Surf Camp, California:

This is the best camp to send your kid to learn surfing! The surfers are under the strict supervision of professionals and so there is no danger to their safety. Moreover the surfers are picked up as well as dropped off at the airport! For further information contact – (858) 454-8273

6. Campus Kids, NJ And Minisink:

Campus kids is a weekday sleep away camp for kids with two branches, each located an hour’s ride away from New York City. The kids spend their time from Monday to Friday here at camp, enjoying all sorts of activities like boating, mountain biking and all sorts of other sports and arts. They return on the weekends to spend time with their family and recount all their adventures. For further details contact – 800-633-7350

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7. Forest Acre Camps For Girls:

Situated in the White Mountains, Maine, this camp provides the best horse riding classes available for young teenage girls. So if your daughter is a great fan of the horses, this is the best camp to send her off to. Horse riding is just one of the several activities that are a part of this camp. It also features a number of water sports like water polo, swimming, canoeing, sailing and so on. The camp features a state of the art climbing tower, zipline, a high and low ropes circuit course, tennis courts, archery ranges, two darkrooms, a dance studio, a theater and much more. For further details contact – 978-405-0286

8. Indian Acres Camp For Boys:

This is a brother camp of the Forest Acres camp and is likewise situated in the White Mountains, Maine. The camp features the same activities and amenities as the Forest Acres Camp. For further details contact – 978-405-0286

9. New York Film Academy Camp:

Movie camp is a favorite among budding directors and cameramen. If what interests your kid is not outdoorsy activities but playing with the camera or computer then this is the perfect camp for them!