9 Best Vietnam Tourist Places to Visit

Tourists want to come to Vietnam from all over the world mostly because of the natural beauty. From the Ha Long Bay to the beautiful Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, all these makes Vietnam one of the renowned places for tourists. Apart from the beaches and the natural sceneries the place also offers old temples, historic monuments and shows their traditions and cultures. Below you see some famous Vietnam Tourist Places With Pictures.

Vietnam Tourist Places:

1. Halong Bay:


Halong Bay is a natural wonder which has 1,600 limestone islands and islets which covers an area of 1,500 sq km. this is a famous place for shoots of movies and photo-shoots because of the bio diversity and beautiful scenery. It had been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

2. The Red Dunes:


The Red Dunes gives a breath taking view to the photographers and tourists because of the reddish-brown sand color which they witness here. People enjoy sand sledding and flying kites here. The local people come here for picnics. The most beautiful time when the visitors crave to see this place is during sunset.

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3. Cu Chi Tunnels:


Cu Chi Tunnels are a war museum which takes the tourists through the narrow and low tunnels through the underground. The tunnel stretches for more than 120 km and had been started in 1948 when Viet Cong were having wars against French. It is one of the top most view places in Vietnam, and people get to know the real story behind the tunnel through the guides and the short movies shown inside.

4. Hoi An:


Hoi An used to be a famous place for trading in the 16th and 17th centuries. The town is by the sea and shows a unique combination of the East and West in the form of architecture and temples. Japanese designed bridge, wooden shops and French colonial houses are some places worth seeing, which brighten the history to the travelers.

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5. Phu Quoc:


Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. The island is famous for its coral reefs, tropical trees and definitely the magnificent beaches. Bai Dai beach has been announced to be one five clean beaches in the world. It is a great place for all tourists to bask in the sun, go for some water rides or just have some quiet time listening to the waves.

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6. Nha Trang:


Nha Trang is a seaside resort which is by the second most beautiful bay in the world. It sand of the beaches and the water of bays are clean and clear which attracts the tourist even more. Coming out from the beach, people witness the completely urban side of the city, with busy streets and cars rishing by.

7. Mekong Delta:


Mekong Delta is situated in the southern part of Vietnam. The river Mekong falls by and mixed into the sea from here. The delta is full of rice fields and produced half of Vietnam’s agriculture. There are many inhabitants in this region and people travel on boats more than taking rough roads.

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8. Hue Monuments:


Hue Monuments are recorded to be one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It was known to be the capital city since king Gia Long, from the Nguyen Dynasty had ruled. The complex offers hundreds of monuments and some are even ruined. The city includes tombs, temples, libraries, museums, etc.

9. Museum of American War Crimes:


Museum of American War Crimes shows the brutality the natives had to face during the Vietnam War. There are photographs and military equipment’s in the galleries. It holds a helicopter, a rocket launcher, a fighter place, a bomb which weighs 6800 kg, and many more things which the Americans had used all these against the Vietnamese during war.

Here you get the detailed information on tourist Destinations In Vietnam & nearby sightseeing attractions. When you plan a trip, don’t miss out these beautiful Vietnam tourist places!