9 Famous Parks in Bangalore with Pictures

Rightly called the ‘Garden City of India’, Bangalore boasts of some of the best gardens and parks that form the major attractions in the city. These parks are a paradise for joggers, fitness freaks and the young and old alike, whether it be to take a leisurely walk or just admire the scenic environment. The lavish beauty of the parks with its manicured lawns, budding flower beds and myriad fountains provide a perfect setting to relax the body, mind and soul.

Popular Parks in Bangalore with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 parks in Bangalore.

1. Cubbon Park:

parks in bangalore

Covering 300 acres of green expanse, Cubbon Park is one of the biggest parks in Bangalore. Its abundance of flora and fauna coupled with aesthetic buildings and impressive statues of famous personages make it more than a park. The park includes motorable roads and well laid walking paths that are inviting to early morning walkers and is home to over 6000 species of plants and trees making it a haven for naturalists to study all forms of plant life. This is the amazing parks in Bangalore.

2. Coles Park:


Coles Park in Frazer Town has been in existence since 1914 and has its own historical significance attached to it. The park constituted a podium for military bands who played here during the colonial rule. The Bandstand area is now donned with benches and a walking track. The Freedom Fighters Park as it has been renamed draws joggers like a magnet. The park is especially renowned for having facilities that extend to the disabled such as a ramp at the entrance to facilitate entry, a wheelchair track in the play space and even playing equipment built to go easy on handicapped children. The Park also boasts of tennis courts, and an ice skating rink setting it apart from the rest.

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3. Bugle Rock Park:


Set amidst natural rock formations, Bugle Rock Park is a small park replete with fountains and waterfalls and towering trees as well as three temples and an amphitheatre that can accommodate 300 people. Attracting around 1000 visitors every day, mostly the elderly, the park is considered a walker’s paradise.

4. M.N. Krishna Rao Park:


Located in the locality of Basavanagudi and named after the former acting Diwan of Mysore, M.N. Krishna Rao Park is an ideal retreat for leisure seekers. Sprawling across 69825 sq meters of land, the park includes jogging tracks, playgrounds and tree filled landscapes that provide plenty entertainment for joggers, children and nature lovers. This is the wonderful parks in Bangalore.

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5. Cariappa Memorial Park:


This 22 acre park is a memorial to Field Marshall K.M. Cariappa of the Indian Armed Forces. The park was constructed by the Indian Army in 1996 who are also responsible for its upkeep. The most distinct feature of the park is its provision for military themed games and other fun activities for children. The park also entertains visitors with six performing military bands at its bandstand every fortnight. A 1.8 km cobble stone walkway path runs through the park where walkers can breathe in the fresh air that is unpolluted by insecticides and pesticides.

6. Jayamahal Park:


A small but well maintained park, Jayamahal Park is beautified with mural filled landscapes and plaster of paris figurines. The park is most loved by joggers and children who come to play in it and is a perfect spot for a family picnic.

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7. Lal Bagh Botanical Garden:


Lal Bagh meaning Red Garden is Bangalore’s most well known botanical garden. The centerpiece of the garden is its famous glasshouse that hosts a flower show every year. The largest collection of tropical plants can be found in the garden of Lal Bagh that also houses an aquarium and lake, all of which make it one of the prime attractions in Bangalore. This is the best

8. Lumbini Gardens:


Lumbini Gardens on the banks of the Nagawara Lake in Bangalore offers a serene retreat for adults to just unwind and relax with its eco-friendly boating park and 12,500 square foot artificial beach. The park is also equipped with a children’s pool making it one of the best places for a family outing.

9. Bannerghatta Biological Park:


A trip to the Bannerghatta Biological Park takes almost one and a half hours but the 25,000 acre park comprising a zoological reserve for wild animals such as the Indian tiger, lions, leopard and other mammals, a zoological museum, reptile farm and India’s first butterfly park with more than 20 species of butterflies makes the trip well worth it. There is much to see and learn from here which is why the park is a major tourist attraction in Bangalore.

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