9 Famous Parks in Burdwan with Pictures

The district of Burdwan in the state of West Bengal is enriched with cultural, natural and recreational resources. Its many parks and gardens afford pleasing views of their natural surroundings and make for great tourist attractions of which some special places of scenic interest.

Amazing Parks in Burdwan with Images:

Here is a List of Best Parks in Burdwan.

1. Golapbag:

parks in burdwan

A botanical and zoological garden established in 1884 by King Bijay Chand Mahtab, Golapbag is heralded as the Garden of Rose. The garden is swamped with 128 different types of trees that were listed by famous botanist Dalton Hooker. The garden apart from being a favourite tourist haunt also offers up its complex for classes that are taken by the University of Burdwan.

2. Troika Park:


Now known as Anand Park, Troika Park is one of the best known amusement parks in the district of Burdwan. It was created with the aim of providing a wholesome outdoor experience for families as well as boosting tourism in these parts. The park offers a fun-filled package that is complete with thrilling rides, boating and water sport facilities and fast food eateries, all set amidst tranquilized landscaping.

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3. Lawmeier Park:


More popularly known as Nehru Park, Lawmeier Park in the Burdwan District of Asansol owes its creation to famous German engineer FWA Lawmeier in 1963. Visitors to the park can view around 5,000 varieties of plants, many of which are rare species that grow in forest areas. The park also has a green house which houses an array of indoor plants. There is plenty more one can do at Lawmeier Park as the park offers up other modes of entertainment like a musical dancing fountain, a mini zoo, a deer park and bathing pool and if you get hungry during your visit, you can also grab a quick bite at the park’s fast food centre.

4. Deer Park:


The Deer Park in Burdwan is a forest reserve that is noted for the number of deer housed in the park. Other attractions are tigers and a variety of colourful birds that add to the charm of the place. The end of the reserve forest is also the resting place of King Bijay Chand Mahtab who founded the Garden of Rose or Golapbag. A guest house within the precincts offers visitors a comfortable overnight stay upon prior arrangement.

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5. Deul Park:


Situated on the banks of the River Ajoy, Deul Park is another famous tourist attraction. The park is famed for its Deul temple, a treasured asset of the legendary Gopraj Ishwar Ghosh. The several centuries old temple towers majestically over dense forested area where visitors can take a leisurely walk along the river and admire the panoramic view of the landscape. The park’s resort lawn is another great place for visitors to while away their time. This is the one of best parks in burdwan.

6. Eco Park:


Eco Park located in Krishna sayer, Burdwan is one of the most popular parks with the best scenic view. At the centre of the park lies a huge lake that’s surrounded by trees which is a charm in itself and the best spot from where one can take in the spectacular vista with the cool breeze from the lake engulfing you. The park which is open from morning till evening entails an entry ticket and is a refreshing place to be for adults and children alike.

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7. Kalpataru Park:


Kalpataru Park located at Alamganj, Burdwan is a huge and popular playground that offers all kinds of outdoor entertainment. A swimming pool, the largest in Burdwan is one of the compelling features of the park along with a gym and a court for children filled with all sorts of fun rides. The park is a wonderland for children and youngsters who can even partake of cricket training that’s given here.

8. Science Park:


Inside Burdwan’s Science Centre you can find a park called the Science Park which has plenty of interesting sights related to science. The park’s open space offers a clean breath of fresh air and attracts many visitors who come to visit the museum.

9. Bijoy Bahar:


Bijoy Bahar situated on the north-west side of Ramana Bagan in Burdwan provides a peaceful and serene retreat. Inside this pleasure garden is a small temple that is still maintained by the Mahtab Trust of Burdwan. The calmness of the environment offers a welcome break from the crowded city streets.