9 Famous Parks in Ooty with Photos

Ooty, located in Tamil Nadu is known for its picturesque beauty and natural environment. It offers you a great splendour of flora and fauna and soothes your visionary senses. Ooty, however, is also known for its lovely and beautiful parks. Therefore we have listed some great parks in Ooty so that you can visit them too.

Beautiful Parks in Ooty with Pictures:

Let we have to look at the wonderful parks in Ooty.

1. Sim’s Park:

parks in ooty

The Sim’s Park of Ooty is one of the most beautiful and amazing parks you shall see. It has over thousand species of land and is spread over about 12 hectares of land. The place is exotic, natural and picturesque. It is green, spacious and has received great views from those who have visited this natural beauty.

2. Botanical Gardens:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden of Ooty is historical. It was constructed during the year 1857-1867. It has a huge collection of flora and fauna and has a great number of flowers, plants, shrubs and orchids. Even something as rare as orchids is located here. This park is sure to make you have a fantastic and fun experience. Visit this beauty and you shall never regret. This is one of the Famous Parks in Ooty.

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3. Children’s Park:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Children’s Park

The Children’s Park of Ooty is a resemblance of an actual green carpet. The flowers add to its glorious beauty and are sure to attract any child. Rowing, boating and horse riding are some of the entertainments that have been offered by the park. Take your child to this beautiful place and you are sure to have so much fun.

4. The Thread Garden:

Famous Parks in Ooty-The Thread Garden

The Thread Garden has a great collection of flowers and looks absolutely natural. It took almost twelve years to create this beauty and one must say that it was completely worth it. Without any machines, it has been like handcrafted with so much attention, care and detail. This makes the garden something that should definitely be visited.

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5. Lake Park:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Lake Park

Lake Park is a beauty! It is adorned with beautiful trees, green land and a lovely looking lake. It has thousands and thousands of visitors every year and people seem to really enjoy being in this place. It is a great spot for all those who like to go out with their family and friends for a time of fun and relaxation.

6. Deer Park:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Deer Park

Just like its name, the Deer Park is full of the most splendid species of the world. Watching them chew on grass and wander around the grassland looks beautiful and majestic. This park is the pride of the city and is also a primary tool of attraction.

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7. Rose Garden:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Rose Garden

Visiting the Rose Park is sure to be a wonderful experience. The enriching set of rose bushes look so wonderful in appearance. It increases the charm of the place and makes it a gorgeous location to visit. The rose garden is funded by the government and has a large number of visitors every year.

8. Black Thunder Theme Park:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Black Thunder Theme Park

The Black Thunder Theme Park is a famous amusement park located in the beautiful city of Ooty. It has quite a number of fascinating rides that are sure to blow your mind. The water is blue and sparkles under the sunlight. This park is a favourite among the children and is visited by thousands of families during weekends and holidays.

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9. Ramayana Theme Park:

Famous Parks in Ooty-Ramayana Theme Park

The Ramayana Theme Park of Ooty is another popular amusement park. People enjoy coming to this place because of its large number of cool and fun rides. The restaurants here are also quite good. Coming to this amusement park in Ooty is sure to be a lot of fun.

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