Fitness Boot Camps

Fitness Boot Camps

It seems that everyone’s looking to slim down or tone up. And just so you don’t get left in the dust (literally), we’ve got the scoop on the best new workouts that you’ll actually like. This year’s hottest fitness trend is the fit body boot camp workout. It’s a fun, fast way to blast calories and burn fat. When most exercise programs get repetitive, boring and lose effectiveness, the fitness boot camp program evolves to challenge you and maximize your results.

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp

If you’ve ever wanted to go through a real Marine fit body boot camp and get a fighting-strong kind of body, Warrior Fitness Boot Camp is just right for you. Created by – and with fitness boot camp classes taught by – real former Marines, this indoor simulation of a true-to-life fit body boot camp workout comes with an obstacle course, calisthenics, free weights, circuit training, running, and other Marine Corps based exercises. Expect real running, real yelling, real sweat, and real results!

Fitness Boot Camps

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp

Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp is a one-hour reality show in which eight celebrities compete in two teams of four to lose weight and get in shape. In each episode, the celebrities attend a fit body boot camp where they take part in a range of physical and motivational activities designed to shed pounds, increase team spirit and win prizes.

In each episode we see them at home or work struggling to maintain their regime. In the final show, each member of the fit boot camp team that has lost the most weight across the series wins.

Total Core Fitness Boot Camp

The highly trained staff from Total Core Fitness Boot Camp does not only promise to help you have a slimmer, sexier, and healthier body than ever before, but they’ll even admit that they’re downright obsessing about helping you even when you feel that everything else has failed!

Total Core Fitness Boot Camp has also announced the opening of 2 locations, in Metuchen and Sayreville. This fit body boot camp features cost-effective fitness programs led by trained and certified fitness experts.

Fitness Boot Camps

OC Fitness Boot Camp

Whether you are getting in shape to compete in an event, fit into your wedding dress, show off at your upcoming reunion or just for better health and fitness, OC Fitness Boot Camp has the program for you!

The fit body boot camp workouts will make you sweat like crazy, yes, but then you will experience physical performance improvement and athletic conditioning on a level that could move you to tears.

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