Top 9 Honeymoon Places in South Africa

Top 9 Honeymoon Places in South Africa

South Africa is all about emblematic wildlife. The beauty of the place describes the landscape, animals, and variety cultures. All these are much responsible for enhancing the beauty of the place. The vast continent surrounded by jungle and mountain could be a good place for your honeymoon. Those who love wild life full of adventure can plan for their honeymoon.

Popular Honeymoon Places in South Africa:

1. Western Cape :

honeymoon places in south africa

There are many places to visit South Africa for honeymoon couple. Among all Western Capeis one of them. People visit this place to feel the beauty of white sand beaches. Though it is far from the city but has ingredients of honeymoon package. The place is popularly known for his wine lands and beautiful waves of ocean.

2. Garden Route :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--Garden Route

The structure of the place looks like garden. Among the honeymoon places in South Africa, it is considered as the most romantic place.The entire place is surrounded by palm, trees which reflect the gracefulness of the place. With tents and different shapes of tress the place is indeed very luxurious.

3. Eastern Cape :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is much popular as sunshine coast of South Africa. The beauty of the place is all about sandy beaches miles after miles. Especially the moon light enhances the natural beauty of the place at night. As your honeymoon destination in South Africa it is certainly a pleasant place.

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4. KwaZulu Natal  :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--KwaZulu Natal

The place in one side is surrounded by Indian Ocean and on the other mesmerizing hills. This is a unique place the nature has both ocean and hill. It is one among the most preferred South Africa honeymoon destinations which is worth visiting. The nature of the place is very much captivating.

5. Johannesburg :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--Johannesburg

It is known as the heart of the city. Thus honeymoon couples can enjoy the city life. There are many classy and traditional restaurants of South Africa where you can enjoy a candle light dinner with your loved one.  Moreover the place is full of exciting entertainments.

6. Mpumalanga :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--Mpumalanga

The natural beauty of the place is quite different from others. The view of the river cannon looks very majestic. You will be cherishing such view throughout your life. Couples do hover around for exceptional place for their honeymoon; perhaps this option will fulfil your need. This a rare place about which even people does not know.

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7. Limpopo Province :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--Limpopo Province

The place is an enchanting honeymoon destination. The huge serene spaces and the Water berg add a special effect to the place. The place is in the lap of hills of small bushes. People visit this place to avoid the hustle bustle of the city. The nature’s beauty is perfect for your honey moon.

8. North West Province :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--North West Province

You can enjoy water activities in this place. There are exhilarating mountain sports and underwater undertakings,especially for honeymoon couples. They well trained and so no scope getting afraid. You can gather a new experience of world under water. Often people say it as a dream place for honeymoon.

9. Northern Cape :

Honeymoon Places in South Africa--Northern Cape

The place is full sand art, camel safari, diamond diggings and so on. It is a good place for amusement. You can visit Vaalbos national park, Wits and Nature Reserve and so on. You can give a local trip to these places. These places are full of different types of animals those are very rare.

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