7 Tricks to help you lose weight

7 Tricks to help you lose weight

Christmas is over and it’s time to lose all those extra pounds you put on during the festive period. It’s easy to forget about those extra calories that you put into your body during Christmas, but you will soon be able to tell the difference once you have tried to put your normal clothes back on in January and nothing fits quite the same way.

Thankfully there are 7 tricks to help you lose weight. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a complete struggle once you have the know-how, and you will soon realize this with these seven very easy tips!

  • Drink water! 7 Tricks to help you lose weight

To burn off one pound of fat, you need to work off 3,500 calories, which although sounds like a lot, isn’t when you think about it logically. To lose rate at a pound per week, which is recommended for healthy and safe weight loss, you need to lose 3,500 calories per week, or 500 calories per day. Do you know what burns off 500 calories? Fidgeting! Studies have shown that a “fidgety” person can burn up to 350 calories per day. Also, using smaller bowls can reduce your food intake by plenty of calories over a week. Even something as simple as washing the dishes, doing laundry or cleaning the windows can help in the fight against fat, so why not give it a go and actually do the housework today?

  • By not eating in front of the TV, 7 Tricks to help you lose weightyou can lose up to 300 calories per meal. Watching TV preoccupies your mind, so when you don’t think about the food, you eat more. Why not skip the TV dinner for a table one instead?
  • Lose the topping on your salad. 7 Tricks to help you lose weightThe salad itself might be healthy and low in calories, but by smothering it with a dressing; you are adding unnecessary calories to your meal. Lose them!
  • Leave out the whipped cream on your hot chocolate. 7 Tricks to help you lose weightTry to swap to healthier varieties of food and drink too. By swapping mayonnaise to the low-fat varieties, you could be saving almost a hundred calories per meal alone!