25 Simple Tips to Treat Dark Circles for Every Skin Tone

As day by day environment is getting polluted and everyone is leading a hectic schedule, at early age people are getting dark circles under the eyes. As these circles are just under the eyes it impacts massively on your looks, even sometimes makes you feel conscious and make you appear ill or unhealthy at times. Though a person might have a radiant skin but the dark patches under the eyes lend dull appearances in the crowd and make you look much older than what you are. The ideal way is to ensure that you lead a systematic life and consume balanced diet.

What are the Causes For Dark Circles:

Unless it is due to old age or a feature inherited from our parents the following are the main reasons for dark circles around eyes.

– Stress And Inadequate Sleep:

There is more blood under the soft skin and this skin shows dark due to the hard red color of blood.

– Fluid Retention:

Due to over-weeping, the water flows towards the soft skin under the eyes because of high salt concentration in the tears, causing circles.

– Bad Eating Habits:

Deficiency of Iron, melanin and collagen
– Addiction to substance or alcohol.

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips For Lightening Dark Circles:

Prevention is better than cure. If you use these simple tips then dark circles are easy to get rid of. These fool proof remedies include. Here this article will educate you about some of the best homemade remedies to prevent dark circles around the eyes.

Homemade Dark Circle Tips for Lazy Women:

1. Powerful Pack with Coconut and Cucumber:

Ingredients Required: One teaspoon ground fresh coconut, two tablespoon of grated cucumber few drops of lemon juice, and 2 teaspoon china clay and cold milk to mix,

Process of Application:

Mix all the ingredients and make a smooth paste of it and apply under the eyes or on affected area ensuring the pack does not drip into the eyes.

Allow it to get dry or after 20 minutes wash it with cold water. Apply thrice a week and see the noticeable changes.

1.1 – Using cucumber slices is probably the oldest beauty tip for dark circles. It is a known remedy to remove dark circles quickly. It acts as an absorbent of heat and impurities in your eye areas. Lie down and place two cucumber slices on your eyes and relax for 15 minutes. Do this daily.

2. Remove Dark Patch with Papaya:

Ingredients Required: Two teaspoon of overripe mashed papaya, few drop of honey and a pinch of turmeric

Process of Application:

As papaya is a power bank of Vitamin A and contains hydroxy acids with remove dark patches around eyes.

Mix honey with overripe mashed papaya and apply it on affected area.

Leave for 15 minutes and wash it cold water. Apply daily for those angelic looks.

3. Fabulous Egg Whites:

Ingredients Required: One egg’s only egg white and a brush to apply

Process of Application:

On a clean face apply egg white with brush and allow it to get dry. Them wash it cold water and possible on daily basis fortnight and see how dark spots under eyes disappears. how dark circles disappears.

4. Marvelous Grated Potatoes:

Ingredients Required:Clean one medium sized potato and grate it and extract juice from it.

Process of Application:

  With the help of cotton apply fresh potato juice on dark circles in and around eyes and once it get dried reapply the same Repeat fir 3 times and then finally wash it normal water.

5. Awesome Tomato and Lemon Juice:

Ingredients Required: Two teaspoon of fresh tomato juice and few drops of lemon juice.

Process of Application:

  Both tomato and lemon are citric in nature, and its bleaching properties easily remove dark circles. Mix the well and with cotton ball apply on dark circles. Apply daily for effective results.

6. Honey and Milk Powder:

Ingredients Required: one tablespoon milk powder and Honey

Process of Application:

A paste of honey and milk powder is like a homemade tip for dark circles. Make a paste with one tablespoon of milk powder and adequate amount of honey. Apply this mixture to your dark circles and you’ll watch them vanish. An added advantage is, it’s a very natural and safe remedy.

Herbal Tips for Dark Circles:

1. Amazing Aloe Vera:

Ingredients Required: One spoon of fresh aloe vera gel and few drops of rose water

Process of Application:

This herbal plant works majestically on dark circles. Mix both the ingredient and apply before bedtime and massage it for 23 minutes, and leave it overnight. Wash it next morning and do it daily for a month and how dark circles disappear.

2. Magical Mint Leaves:

Ingredients Required: 20-30 mint leaves and two teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

Process of Application:

As mint has bleaching properties and olive oil moisturizes detoxify the skin. In a mixer blend both the ingredient until it goes smooth. Apply the mix on clean face, after 15-20 minutes wash the face with normal water and apply daily for a week for effective results.

3. Drinking Herbal Tea and Using Bags:

Ingredients Required: Two Chamomile tea bags or nay herbal tea bags.

Process of Application:

As tea and especially Chamomile tea contains caffeine which restricts the tiny blood vessels in the skin and tannins stimulate the blood circulation. Refrigerate the tea bags for an hour and the place them is such a manner it cover the dark circles. Leave it for 15 minutes and do the same thrice a week and see the changes.

Have it at bedtime in order to help you relieve your stress and relax easily. Chamomile has healing properties that helps release the stress and anxiety levels.

An effective tip for dark circles is to use tea bags on your eyes. Leave caffeinated tea bags in your refrigerator. After a while apply the damp tea bags on your eyes. The tannin present in the tea works against discoloration. Doing this for fifteen minutes daily will help you a great deal.

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4. Outstanding Almond and Coconut Oil:

Ingredients Required: Few drops of both Sweet Almond and Coconut Oil:

Process of Application:

Almonds oil is rich in Vitamin k and extensively improves blood circulation. Coconut oil deeply nourishes the skin and moisturizes the skin. Mix both oils and massage the affected area for 2-3 minutes. Do this process before bedtime and leave it overnight, wash in next morning.

5. Fantastic Witch Hazel:

Ingredients Required: Few drops of Witch Hazel along with only egg white.

Process of Application:

Mix both of them in a bowl and refrigerate it for one hour. On clean face apply with fingertips or cotton ball and allow it to get dry. Then clean with normal water and apply daily for faster results.

Lazy Girl Natural Tips for Dark Circles:

1. Multani Mitti:

Ingredients Required: One teaspoon of multani mitti with some milk to make a smooth paste

Process of Application:

The multani mitti is an awesome way to remove dark circle as it increases the blood circulation and gives a soothing effect to the skin. Mix both of the ingredients and make a smooth paste and apply on affected ares . Allow it to get it dry and then clean with normal water and apply it thrice a weel for better results.

2. Practice Yoga:

Yoga is another natural way of reducing dark circles as it promotes or channelizes the blood circulation, relaxes the tensed muscles and tired nerves thus helping you to get rid of dark circles without any hassles and in a smooth natural way.

3. Drink Plenty of Water:

Consuming less fluids or water is a cause which provokes dark circles. So consume daily 10 -12 glasses of water on regular basis and keep the skin hydrated. Keep the skins hydrated and easily, naturally get rid of dark circles.

4. Soothing Sandalwood Mask:

Ingredients Required: Two teaspoon on sandalwood water and few drop of rose water.

Process of Application:

Sandalwood eases the inflammation and has relaxing properties. Mix both the ingredient and apply on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water. Apply daily this natural product and see the magic happening.

5. Adequate Sleep:

As all us have hectic lifestyle and stringent deadlines all of us do that by compensating the sleeping hours. So it’s necessary and mandatory to sleep at least for 6-7 hours daily as having a good sleep is a natural way to reduce dark circles.

6. Almond Oil:

Gently apply almond oil around the eye area and leave it overnight. It is a time tested remedy. Keep repeating the process till it fades.

7. Relax:

Another tip against dark circles is relaxing. Relaxing kills your stress and anxiety which will allow you to sleep well, rest and eat properly. The most efficient way to relax is through meditation. While meditating your thoughts are taken off your stress and tensions which will relax your skin and body.

Diet Tips for Dark Circles:

1. Consumer Balanced Diet and no crash Dieting:

All you prefer fast and junk food as it’s tempt your taste buds, but in order to look pretty it’s very essential that you should have balanced diet with contain essential minerals and vitamins . You should not lose weight instantly as its sags the skin and it even deprives the skin from essential vitamins.

2. Add lots of Fiber in Meal:

It’s very important to include fresh vegetables, fruits, oatmeal’s, leafy vegetables as it has power antioxidants’ and protects the skin to fight against cellular damages which are the main agents of dark spots. So consume high fiber diet and enhance the skin health.

3. Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol:

If you are a smoker and regularly intake alcohol then you are surely going to get dark circles under the eyes in near future. As these bad habits causes thinning of skin near to eyes causing muscle to be visible under the lower eyelid making dark circles more visible.

4. Include Vitamin A, C and E in the Diet:

It’s becoming very common that people are getting affected by dark circle because of Vitamin deficiency. So it’s mandatory to include fruits like oranges, papaya, vegetables, dried fruits which are high in Vitamin A c and E so that it strengthens the capillary and help to get rid of dark circles.

5. Induce High Iron Diet:

Anemia is majorly responsible for dark circle formation under the eyes so it’s highly important to eat ingredient which is rich in Iron as protein rich diet enhances the supply of oxygenated blood and repairs the dark circles.

Beauty Tips for Dark Circles:

So now that we know what to do, let us treat the problem at hand. The following are the ways in which we can cure the dark raccoon like eyes.

1. Keep The Skin Clean:

It’s very important that you wash or clean the face once you come from outside and even you are indoors regularly wash the face with mild face wash so that dust particles and dead skin cells is peeled out of the skin.

2. Scrub The Face:

Scrubbing the face with homemade scrubber or any cosmetic scrubber helps in exfoliating the dead skin, eliminates dirt and lends a fresh look to the face, and even reduces dark circles under the eyes.

3. Apply Skin Moisturizer:

Do not forget to apply moisturizer as it hydrates the skin and bringing back radiant glow on the face and even diminish dark circles under the eyes.

4. Apply Rose Water:

Rose water acts as a natural toner and rejuvenates the skin , lends a soothing effect to affected area. So dab cotton pads in rose water and apply to dark circles on daily basis and see how the dark circles starts disappearing.

5. Wonderful Lemon Juice:

The lemon juice has bleaching properties its application helps to reduce or diminish dark circles under the eyes.

6. Warm Water For Dark Circles:

Wash your eyes with warm water and follow this with cold water.

  • This improves blood circulation to the eyes and soothes them.
  • It also keeps the eyes clean and congestion free.

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Makeup Tips For Dark Circles:

Sometimes by simply being careful in our daily lives we can cure difficult problems. Dark circles need not be caused by health negligence. Sometimes it can occur due to over looking some very basic things.

  • Carefully handle the eye areas during makeup. Avoid rubbing near the eyes as it can lead to the congestion that creates dark circles.
  • Always clean any under-eye cream or gel after 15 minutes of application.
  • Remove makeup before going to sleep as it ages skin around eyes faster.
  • Use a soft cotton pad to gently cleanse the area.
  • Avoid touching chemicals near the eye area.

So now you can easily get rid of dark circles in any of the ways which suits you the most and easily acquire clear looks and flaunt your appearance in a great way.