50 Best Homemade Hair Care Tips for Women

There are various ways to maintain good hair. Some techniques are already known to us where as there are lots of other tips that you may not know till now. However today we bring for you a compiled list of top 50 tips for your hair. You can follow these tips and this will give you strong and silky hair. Some of these tips and techniques are very easy to follow. You can invest a little time and get good hair. So let us check out these top 50 hair care tips.

Homemade Hair Care Tips:

Here is a list of 50 hair care tips at home for girls are as follows.

1. Avocado for Smooth Hair:

This is one fantastic fruit that you can use to tame down your frizzy tresses. Combine avocado pulp which is ripe and not too raw. Use a grinder and beat one or two eggs into this. Use this mixture all throughout the length of your mane and this will help you get smooth hair. This can be used as often as you want to. You can also add olive oil to this mixture. This is a frizzy hair pack but even if you have silky smooth hair even then you can use this hair pack.

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This will help you get tangle free shiny hair. If you have long hair you need to increase the amount of this pack. Long hair also has another problem. It is while brushing it out. You have a lot of time fighting the tangles. Long hair has a tendency to get tangled easily. If you use this pack, you can maintain a tangle free hair. It will be easier to comb hair after application of this hair pack.

2. Coconut Milk for Smooth Hair:

This is another good thing that you can do to pamper your tresses. You often add coconut milk to food and other recipes. However, you can use coconut milk to wash your hair after a shampoo and this will condition your hair and give you smooth tangle free hair. This is especially good if you have dry and lusterless hair. If you live in any coastal area where you easily get coconuts, then it should not be a problem to grate the fresh coconut and squeeze the milk out. This is a very good conditioner and you should not hesitate to use it.

3. Sardines Help Grow Hair Faster:

This may not be your cup of tea if you do not like fish. However eating sardines can boost your hair growth. These are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help you grow hair faster. A healthy diet combined with sardines can be proper for your hair.

4. Moisturize The Mane:

This is important because in certain weather conditions your hair loses its moisture. You may want to moisturize it with natural products like the juice of fresh Aloe Vera. Apply beaten Aloe Vera paste/juice to your hair and leave it on for as long as you can. This is like semi liquid water and very slimy but it gets dried very soon when left on hair. You can rinse it off after an hour or more.

5. Gelatine to Fight Frizz:

You can use 1 tbsp of gelatine mixed in 1 cup of vinegar and some water and use it as an after shampoo conditioner. This helps to fight the frizz. This is good even if you don’t have frizzy hair but your hair has the tendency to get tangled easily.

6. Towel Dry Hair:

You can get smoother hair if you do not try to blow dry hair completely but wrap a towel around your head after washing your hair. Slowly the towel absorbs all the excess moisture from the hair making it smooth. But if you have tendency of catching cold easily you should avoid this.

7. Natural Curls:

You can ditch the blow dryer and get natural smooth curls by using Velcro curlers on your wet hair and by letting it dry in open air but not using the dryer. Natural curls are a good way to avoid heat and the styling products.

homemade hair care tips

8. Cactus for Hair:

This is similar to Aloe Vera in a lot of ways. Cactus leaves contain lots of gel like moisture and oil which helps to hydrate your hair. Do not get hurt by its prickliness. You can also grab some cactus oils or gels from the market and apply on your shampooed hair to make it smoother.

9. Rinse With Cold Water:

This acts like a conditioner and seals in the hair cuticles and gives them a shine boost. Instead of warm water, use cold water to rinse hair. You may want to avoid this if you have a chance of catching cold. This is good in tropical countries thought where the weather is almost always hot and humid.

10. Go for Layers:

Layered haircut can make your hair look freer flowing and flirty. You can flatter the sharp features of your face by wearing proper layered haircut. Layers can also help to make your hair look fuller. It gives illusion of fuller mane and helps you camouflage the thinness of hair.

11. Get Natural Waves:

Set wet hair into braids. When the hairs are completely air dried, you can let the braids loose and brush out the hair. This will give you natural waves.

12. Get Proper Coloring:

You can get proper coloring done to your hair from a good saloon. You should not color your hair with any color of your choice. The right color should match your complexion.

13. Shine Serum:

This is one of the best inventions of modern times. You can apply just a little amount on your slightly wet hair and then brush it out. You will get a good shine boost.

14. Side Cutting to Combat Frizzy Hair:

If you have unmanageable and frizzy hair you can try side cutting technique to make hair more manageable and to make the tresses look tamed to a certain extent.

15. Chamomile to keep Hair Light:

Chamomile flowers can be boiled in water and then strained and used on tresses to make the hair color stay. This is a good method to keep the color from fading if you have recently coloured your hair.

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16. Green Tea to Maintain Color:

This is another treatment that you can try in the same way as chamomile to maintain and keep your hair color restored.

17. Anti-Frizz Hair Spray:

You should try market available anti-frizz hair sprays for maintaining parlour finish smooth hair.

18. Anti Humidity Hair Spray:

This is another good thing which can help you maintain good hair. Invest in a good branded one.

19. Apply Shea Butter for More Moisture:

You can apply Shea butter on to the hairs when you go to sleep. This will give you better moisturized hair.

20. No Smoking:

Smoking will affect your hair. Ditch the smoking to keep good hair

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21. Air Dried Hair:

Dry hair naturally and do not use blow dryer. Blow dryer can rip hair off moisture.

22. Thermal Styling Products:

Instead using heat, you can try thermal styling products which warm up the hairs and keep the style locked.

23. Beer Rinse:

This is a much known fact now that a beer rinse can give you shiny hair. You can give this a try.

24. Use Volumizing Sprays:

These are special sprays which can boost up the volume even when you have not shampooed your hair or have product build up. This can be good when you immediately need a volume boost.

25. Saloon Visits are Must:

This is must when you want to maintain the style.

26. Olive Oil for Good Hair:

Hair needs shiny and restoration of strength. You can give your hair some olive oil hair pack strength or simply massage hair with olive oil. You can warm this up as well and use.

27. Onion Rinse:

This can give you lightly Coloured hair. It gives a reddish tint.

28. Henna for Hair:

Henna gives your hair natural color. Ditch the chemical colors and go for henna.

29. Hair Repair Masks:

These work wonders when it comes to restoration of hair strength and shine. You can give these a try.

30. Coffee Rinse:

Coffee imparts good reddish tint to your hair. Yu can use this in your henna packs

tips for hair care

31. Lemon for Dandruff:

Lemon give can be used in hair packs for fighting dandruff naturally.

32. Natural Highlights:

Lemon juice when applied on to hair and you sit under the sun for a few minutes then you can get soft natural highlights to your hair.

33. Yogurt for Hair:

Sour curd or yogurt can be very good for your hair. It not only fights dandruff but also gives your hair a conditioning boost.

34. Layers and Waves for Black Hair:

You can use some good technique of cut and color which you think fits your face shape and get your black hair look softened out.

35. Chinese Food and Herbs:

This may sound strange but Chinese food actually is good for your hair. Chinese food is often cooked with a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs. This gives a nutrient boost to your hair.

36. Coconut Oil Use Made Naturally:

You can make thick coconut oil which you can use as a hair pack or massage oil. Squeeze the milk from freshly grated coconut and warm it over indirect heat. The oil will separate in a while and you can strain the mixture and massage on to scalp. Where on one hand coconut milk can be used as a conditioner, this can be used as oil.

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37. Lotus Conditioner:

You can grind lotus flowers and make a natural lotus conditioner out of it. Keep on hair tresses and rinse with normal water.

38. Exfoliate The Scalp:

This promotes natural oil growth. Japanese women often use products which work directly on the scalp and exfoliate it. You can do the same with hair exfoliating treatments or products that are available in the market these days.

39. Eucalyptus Oil:

This is very good oil which promotes hair growth and you can use this for massaging the scalp.

40. Diet:

Good and healthy diet with proper vitamins, proteins and nutrients is essential for good hair growth.

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41. Use Honey:

Honey helps your hair stay shimmery and shiny. You can use 1 tbsp of honey to your favourite conditioner for hair and use it.

42. Static Free Hair:

You can use wooden combs to brush hair without the static.

43. Sun Protection:

You can buy UV Protection enhanced conditioners and shampoos which you can use on your hair. These will provide a shield to combat UV Rays which damage your hair.

44. Neem Oil for Dandruff Treatment:

Neem oil is very good to fight the dandruff and keep it off your scalp. You can massage this on your hair daily or twice a week to get healthy hair.

45. Regular Trimming:

This keeps your hair free from split ends. This is important if you are looking for healthy hair without the breakage.

46. Pony Tail:

Wearing hair in a pony tail helps to keep your hair’s oil locked and also helps your hair to stay away from wind breakage.

47. Lots of Sleep:

Sleep is essential and it helps your hair to stay relaxed and calm. It also boosts hair growth.

48. Drinking Enough Water:

This is very important for proper functioning of your body and also helps keep your body hydrated. This in turn helps your hair.

49. Eggs for Hair:

Eggs are an important source of protein. Our body requires the proteins and so does out hair roots. Eggs are smelly but when you use hair packs, which are going to help your hair get a protein boost.

50. Try Sock Bun Curling:

Sock bun curling is a no heat curling which works very good for many women. In this way you can get soft curls without heat application.