9 Beautiful and Trendy Stone Studded Mehndi Designs

Stone studded mehndi designs are popular now because of the latest trend in the fashion world. Girls or women’s like to try this type of stone studded mehndi for any wedding events or ceremonies. In the collection of makeup for women’s mehndi is the one which plays a great role, women can’t feel complete her makeup without mehndi. The colorful stones that can be used in the design make it a wonderful change from the old plain designs.

Latest and Attractive Stone Studded Mehndi Designs with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 mehndi designs with stones.

1. Full Arm Stone Studded Design:

One of the latest styles in mehndi designs is the stone studded mehndi designs on the arm. This makes the arm look really beautiful and elegant. The stones used here range from small size to large. This take little more time to design but it looks very pretty on bride on her wedding day. Try out diamond shaped stones too.

2. Hand Stone Studded Design:

Here is another cool option to try. Simple mehndi design is made elaborate with the use of stones. The rose bud design has tiny red stones that are stuck on to make it look pretty. It catches the attention of viewers in the parties or ceremony.

3. Side Arm Mehndi Designs:

Try out this lovely delicate mehndi design where the image is done only on the side of the arm till the finger tip. This looks very pretty and delicate. The stones add a touch of glamour to the design. Those girls who love to drive their bike then this one mehndi will be yours, it catch the attention while driving bike.

4. Stone Mehndi Design For Feet:

Get your feet looking gorgeous and stunning with these stone mehndi designs. You will find many patterns that are simple and colorful. The designs incorporate the stones that can be white, blue or red.

5. Stone Mehndi Design for The Back:

Here is a cool way to showcase mehndi designs with stones. The back is covered in mehndi design that is then made more attractive by adding little colorful stones. Try out this design for your next occasion and you will rock the party.

6. Glitter and Stone Designs:

Glitter and stones is the next step in mehndi designs that look super cool. The glitter color used is normally according to the color of the outfit that the person will wear. So you have options like red, blue and green which can be complemented with stones.

7. Finger Mehndi Designs:

Amazing finger mehndi designs with stones are made eye catching with the help of little stones that shine. The designs are applied to the fingers and the nails can be decorated with colorful stones. Try out this new style and see heads turn.

8. Bridal Stone Studded Mehndi:

A bride is the most important person and she needs to be dressed up to that. So try out these cool bridal mehndi designs that are stones studded. The designs have a lot of intricate details and the colors of the stones match the attire that will be worn on the big day.

9. White Mehndi Designs with Stone:

A recent trend in mehndi design is the white color mehndi design. The designs are as delicate and intricate as the other mehndi designs. You can use white stones to accentuate the design or you can get colorful stones to match it.

These designs can be done on the arms, palms, legs and even fingers of a person. Go bold with mehndi designs on the back that are studded with stones too.