9 Beautiful Mayan Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Nowadays ancient designs are getting much popular. These include the Mayan tattoos which many people do on their bodies these days. You can also do these easily. There are other styles which are sometimes geometric and styles like floral or other prints are also done with these. However, you must remember that when you want something in ancient pattern, you will have to be careful that these are very thick and colors used are quite dark.

mayan tattoo designs

Therefore if you want a large scale design, then you should try out temporary stickers first and see if you are comfortable sporting those. Then only you should go to a professional expert and get something custom made. You can also use other colors of inks like red or green instead of black. However, these are mostly done in dark black inks.

These go into the epidermal layers and therefore can be difficult to remove if you want to go for laser removal. The skin at that place can be patchy and can also leave ink traces. Therefore you should consult a professional artist and get the guidance and then you do an ancient design. These should always be custom made and therefore your artist can also draw a custom pattern for you according t your sporting ability.

Latest and Best Mayan Tattoo Designs with Picture:

Below are the top 9 Mayan tattoo designs that you can get inspired from to do your design or custom make a design from your pattern artist.

1. Intricate Geometric Mayan Tattoo Design:

Intricate Geometric Mayan Tattoo Design

This is a very fashionable Mayan tattoo that has been done on the length of the hand. You can try out various other forms of these types of styles on other parts of your body as well. You can do these in colors of your suitability and that which you can wear comfortably.

2. Ancient Mayan Tattoo Design:

 Ancient Mayan Tattoo Design

This is done in an ancient Mayan style and you can do similar styles with dark colored inks. It is one of the best Mayan tattoo designs for men among the Mayan style tattoo and which can wear any party of the body but wearing in the shoulder will be more attractive.

3. Muscular Arms Mayan Tattoo Design:

Muscular Arms Mayan Tattoo Design

This is another ancient tattoo that you can try out on the whole length of the arms. These are quite dark and artistic in color. People who have the strong shoulders and long arms can have this types of tattoo to get the unique look.

4. Tribal Mayan Tattoo Design:

Muscular Arms Mayan Tattoo Design

This is another form of tribal or Mayan design that you can sport on a certain position of the hands. You can also extend this to the wrist to make this more dark and artistic.

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5. Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Mayan Tattoo Design:

Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Mayan Tattoo Design

This is another variation of the Mayan tattoo sleeeve design shown in the image before this image. You can try out various styles like this. These are tribal arts but you can team these with various other types of tattoo patterns and symbols.

6. Polynesian Mayan Tattoo Design:

Polynesian Mayan Tattoo Design

This is also a very artistic tattoo design that has been done on the legs. You can do similar styles for the whole of the legs.

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7. Geometric Mayan Tattoo Design:

Geometric Mayan Tattoo Design

This is done in a geometric fashion. This tattoo is done from the side body position and then extended till the under arms. These are quite stylish and if you want side position designs then these can be done easily.

8. Formidable Black Work Mayan Tattoo Design:

Formidable Black Work Mayan Tattoo Design

This Mayan art tattoo design is done on the hands and this also has dark bands. If you want something like this then you should get these customized.

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9. Armband Mayan Tattoo On Shoulder:

Armband Mayan Tattoo On Shoulder

This is another artistic Mayan tattoo. This has thick band patterns and also has various decorative designs to it. The ladies who have interested in getting tattooed they can go through this design.

You can try these on various positions of the body. If you want something like this then you should consult a professional expert and then get these styles done from them which are custom made to suit your suitability. These are also very trendy to sport.

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