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9 Traditional African Tattoo Designs and Meanings

In today’s era most of us wants to get tattoo design on our body part so as to appear distinct and fascinating from others. There are many exclusive tattoo designs and but among all African tattoos designs are the ones which tempts and attracts tattoo lovers. The African tattoo speaks about humanity, depicts courage and beautiful intensifying landscape and wildlife. Thus because of these entire diversified yet unique heritages the African tattoo are loved by tattoo lovers and is gaining popularity among men and women of all age group.

Latest and Best African Tattoo Designs for Men and Women in Trend:

Let’s have a look at top stunning African tattoo designs which you can get inked on your body part.

1. African Moon and Fairy Tattoo Design:

african tattoo designs

As Africa is well known as land of fairies, these type of tattoo designs are very common and highly in demand by teenage girls and women. The fairy design depicts joyfulness, innocence with grace and feminine characteristic. In this tattoo fairy in seated on moon with wings open connects are with nature also.

2. African Fighter Tattoo Design:

African Fighter Tattoo Design

Here comes a beautiful, intricate African tattoo design of a female warrior armed with weapons. The tattoo can be styled in different forms and has a great inner meaning also. It signifies that you are an aggressive, brave and fearless person who can face all the odds of life with a brave heart.

3. Powerful Tribal Elephant Africa Tattoo:

Powerful Tribal Elephant Africa Tattoo

As Africa is well known for its fascinating wildlife, this elephant tattoo could be great choice for people who are animal lovers. This tattoo is highly appreciated by men as elephant is well known for its courage and bravery resembling the features of every man.

4. Lovely African Mask Tattoo Design:

Lovely African Mask Tattoo Design

African people strongly believe in spirituality, the mask represent this faith and believes and protects them from all sorts of difficulties. The tattoo looks very amazing and can be designed on arms, back or even on shoulders thus giving the wearer an exemplary look.

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5. African American Snake and Flower Tattoo Design:

African American Snake and Flower Tattoo Design

These are the highly attractive and sensational designs where serpent and the rose flower is coiled together. As snake is considered to be very cunning yet intellectual and but loses it significance in front of the flower. The same goes for every man, so without saying a word you can still express.

6. Traditional African Tattoo Design for Calf:

Traditional African Tattoo Design for Calf

This type of African girl tattoo design look very fascinating and you can even customize it according to your choice. It’s a perfect design which can be portrayed on calf adding more looks to your persona.

7. Unique African Tribal Tattoo Design:

Unique African Tribal Tattoo Design

The tattoo design looks very attractive and depicting the tribal era where in hardworking women’s are carrying eatable on their head. The fine lines and beautiful colour combination adds more beauty to the design and lends a unique look to the wearer.

8. Alluring Africa Tattoo Design for Girls:

Alluring Africa Tattoo Design for Girls

It’s being said that flowers and butterfly has strong connection with girls as it resembles the features of a woman pure and pleasant. The tattoo can be designed on back as well arms giving you a sensational appearance.

9. Amazing Colorful African Tattoo on Sleeve:

Amazing Colorful African Tattoo on Sleeve

This tattoo displays the true picture of Africa which has fascinating, lively wildlife surroundings. This design should be sketched and inked with highly skilled tattoo artist so make it appear more attractive and real.

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African tattoos designs appear awesome and you get it designed on any part of the body depending on your choice and though process. The designs portrayed would be definitely distant and difficult to offbeat others. The next time you think of  getting a tattoo inked, first go through African tattoo designs and choose the one which enhances your appearance and even similar to it.

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