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Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

In terms of expressing sensuality and creating a distinguishable elegant allure, perfumes are without a doubt some of the most powerful tools through which we can highlight our personality. Alluring and having an incredibly strong ability to evoke memories and to raise intense feelings, scents have always been the not-so-secret seduction weapon modern women have taken advantage of.

With a long history in the beauty industry, Victoria’s Secret has managed to raise the beauty standards constantly, uncovering new directions that have helped women across the world to highlight their features in a highly creative and refined manner. It’s almost impossible not to be conquered by the incredible selection of divine scents that have become instant best sellers shortly after they were released on the market. Here are some of the best fragrances from Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly

With a sophisticated oriental scent, Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly ($39-$59) creates a powerful impression from the very first few seconds it is used. The sophisticated combination of delicate floral notes such as wild ivy, cardamon, freesia, iris mandarin, orchid vanilla and white musk delivers an incredible experience that enchants our senses and that creates a lasting impression without being overpowering. Despite the fact that the perfume loses some of its intensity as the hours go by, the scent lingers all day creating a one of a kind experience.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Pure Seduction

For those who find VS’s Love Spell perfume a little too strong for their taste, the Pure Seduction eau de toilette ($9.50) from the Secret Garden Collection is without a doubt a doable alternative. Affordable and having a moderate staying power, the sweet fruity scents have a flirty, innocent yet sexy note.

Most women find that this scent truly deserves its name, as the plum, freesia and melon combo immediately creates a refreshing experience giving the impression of playfulness and youthfulness, awakening the senses at the same time. What’s more, due to its low price tag virtually anyone can enjoy this delightful scent on a daily basis.

Sexy Little Things Noir

Daring and provocative, the Sexy Little Things Noir ($29-$49) is an interesting challenge to the senses due to its interesting tones that are skillfully combined in order to create a unifying scent. The nectarine, guanabana and red berry fruity notes are a perfect match for the delicate floral bouquet of jasmine, orchid, lily and cyclamen. However, in order to increase the sophistication of the scent, the sweetness is toned down a bit with black currant, musk and woody notes.

This perfume ranks in the top preferences of women due to the fact that it has a refined and youthful allure that works equally well for all ages.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Victoria’s Secret Mood Yearn

The VS Mood Yearn ($29-$55) is one of those perfumes that has good chances of becoming a woman’s signature perfume. With a classic elegance and seductive tuberose, coconut and gardenia floral notes, this long lasting perfume can conquer any woman that wants a fresh, classical and incredibly alluring perfume in her collection. Enchanting and feminine, this perfume is light yet fresh, being suitable for a great variety of tastes.

Victoria’s Secret Pink

If a fresh, green floral scent with classy yet flirty notes matches your idea of what a beautiful perfume should smell like, than Victoria’s Secret Pink fragrance ($20) is definitely a wonderful choice for you. With a perfect balance between the sweet and floral scent of violet leaves, artemesia, bergamot, peony and vanilla, this perfume is perfectly designed for day to day wear.

With only a hint of sweetness, this type of perfume will leave a good impression even to those who do not like sweet perfumes.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Photos courtesy of Victoria’s Secret®

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