Cool Tomboy Hairstyles

Cool Tomboy Hairstyles

Okay all you super-trendy fashionistas, are you ready to play with your styling and push the boundaries of what you would normally try? Well, even though you might think that they are a little bit edgier and rather masculine, in fact, cool tomboy hairstyles are very sassy and classy. Plus, an androgynous crop allows you to try some chic and hip effects. Oh, and with the party season just around the corner, we bet you want something different and gorgeously elegant. Take a peek at these notice-me-now styles and you’ll certainly win the spotlight!

Boy oh boy, these tomboy hairstyles will really make you stand out from the crowd! And you can wear them in so many outstanding ways! Whether you opt for the disheveled or for the smooth, ultra sleek style, a cute tomboy look is always a fantastic choice. Be the ultimate rock chick going for the messy version and you’ll be both sexy and feminine yet with a special tough feeling.

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Short hairstyles can be extremely cute and hot. And it seems that sometimes, the rule ‘the shorter the better’ totally applies when it comes to your flirty tomboy hairstyle! Keep your crop elegant and refined by creating a sleek approach. Use a strong mousse and finish with some firm holding hairspray for a glamorous look. You can choose a side parting with smooth hair or pick a retro, slightly wavy and gelled style. Simple and chic, these cool shorties comes just perfect for the festive season adding edge to your oh-so-sexy party dress. What about a quiff? Yes, please!

Hooray, it’s official! Ultra-short hair can be jaw-dropping! So, if you’re ready to stop playing it safe and you are bold enough to try something rather head-turning, a tomboy hairstyle is anything but boring. Trust us, with just a few styling tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make a stunning look in an instant. Indeed, a short crop is a great choice for those of you who are constantly struggling for time. And if you have petite features, keep in mind that graphic cuts will suit you amazingly.

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Even though it is impossible to believe it, short tomboy hairstyles are versatile. Therefore, whether you want a subtle or a more dramatic result, a masculine-inspired crop allows you to have fun while creating some achingly stylish looks. When opting for a short cut, remember that if you keep the lengths slightly longer at the front, you’ll be able to wear your hair sweeping or into a quiff.

So, are you gorgeous dolls eager to reinvent yourselves? If you are, just have a nosey at these traffic-stopping tomboy hairstyles and get a little inspiration. These stunners are the way forward for statement-making appearances for both daytime and evening looks. For those of you who are not so much into slicking down their crop, it’s time you shake it up, apply some strong-hold wax and go as high as you want! And for those willing to experiment, you can also try the side shaved style and add a soft flare with a cute shade. Check out these styles and find the one that suits you the best!

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