Having Dark Elbows? Find Out Why and How to Get Rid of Them!

Having Dark Elbows? Find Out Why and How to Get Rid of Them!

What Causes Dark Elbows?

You may find yourself one beautiful morning, while getting ready to leave for school or for work, looking astonished at your elbows, and wondering when did they get so… dark! Before panicking and considering that there must be something wrong with you, you should know that there are many causes for dark elbows, many of which are as benign as they can be.

So, what causes dark elbows? Most likely, the answer is the damage occurred through rubbing, scratching, or friction at the level of the elbow skin folds. Whenever you lean on your elbows for longer periods of time, for instance, you allow for skin layers to become thicker and, therefore, to lead to dark elbows. Do you have a favorite black sweater that seems to discolor? In this particular case, it might actually be the one to blame for your dark elbows!

When you’re wondering what causes dark elbows, you should also keep in mind the fact that repeated sun exposure could lead to dark elbows, as it causes (possibly) permanent skin hyperpigmentation.

Having Dark Elbows? Find Out Why and How to Get Rid of Them!

Last but not least, there are also some more serious reasons for getting dark elbows. Pre-diabetes is one of them. If you discover that you have dark patches on your elbows, but also on your knees, armpits and knuckles, and/or a dark colored ring around your neck, pay a visit to your doctor, as all of these may indicate acanthosis nigricans, an evidence of insulin resistance.

Dark Elbows Remedies: How to Lighten Dark Elbows

Do you find dark elbows unpleasant? You’re not the only one! When your dark elbows are not caused by a medical condition, there are several ways to lighten the skin around them.

An effective dark elbows treatment might be a good daily scrub. Use a pumice stone and a cleanser, and rub your dark elbows every day to remove the dead skin cells causing the hyperpigmentation.

Lemon is your best friend when it comes to dark elbows remedies. Cut a lemon in half, and then rub each half on your dark elbows. Allow the lemon juice to sit on your elbows for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Having Dark Elbows? Find Out Why and How to Get Rid of Them!Having Dark Elbows? Find Out Why and How to Get Rid of Them!

You could also try a dark elbows treatment that involves mixing equal parts of vinegar and yoghurt. Apply the combo on your elbows daily, and massage.

You may also go for bleaching products such as a Rodial Skin Bleach Kit, or a Philosophy Great Skin Is In Dry Skin Full Kit, that might help you fight the unpleasant hyperpigmentation on your elbows.

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