How to Choose a Beauty Salon

How to Choose a Beauty Salon

When you move from a town or a neighbourhood to another, at some point you need to choose a new beauty salon to go to since you’re a woman that loves to take care of herself and has to look and feel good! But how do you choose it? Here are some ideas you may take into account.

How To Choose A Hair Salon

Friends and Co-Workers

Did you see a friend of yours or one of your co-workers rocking a brand new haircut? Don’t just sit there, go and ask them where they got their hair done. They will happily receive your compliment and they will provide you with the name of the salon where all the magic happened.

Make a List

You’ve probably gathered a lot of salon names. Add these names on a list and narrow down your search according to the information you were provided with.

How to Choose a Beauty Salon

Make Some Calls

Once you have limited your list to some more appealling beauty salons, you should call each and one of them, ask for their location, hours of operation, fees, the clientele and or course, the stylist’s experience.

Plan a Visit

You should plan a visit to the salons. This way you will get to see the location, decide if you like the atmosphere or not and also talk to the stylist and explain what you are looking for.

Schedule an Appointment

If you were pleased with the location, felt comfortable with the overall atmosphere and simply enjoyed talking to the stylist, you should definitely schedule a hair appointment. This way you will see whether or not you are satisfied with your choice.

How to Choose a Beauty Salon

How to Choose A Nail Salon

Firstly, you should make sure that the entire salon and individual work stations are clean. Both you and your technician should wash your hands and nails before she begins your service. Also, make sure that the towel at the table is clean and all instruments are disinfected because you wouldn’t want to fight some infection after getting your nails done.

Also, you should ask what is included in the price of the service. Some salons may provide all-inclusive service prices while others charge a-la-carte. Don’t be afraid to ask if the polish or top coat is extra. Their job is to provide you with the necessary information.

Furthermore, you should ask your nail technician what type of products the salon is using. Most salons provide professional products and your nail expert should explain what products she has used and why. This way, you can learn a few things and, why not, practice them at home. Maybe you will become a little nail expert yourself after these inside scoops!

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