How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Growth!

The goodness and richness of coconut oil for hair is known to all of us from our childhood. It is an ancient and age-old therapy to solve several common hair concerns effectively. From our grandmothers’ generation, we have been hearing about the importance of applying coconut oil to our scalp and hair without fail. Have you ever wondered what makes coconut oil so essential for hair? The coconut oil benefits for hair are multifold. They range from solving several hair issues ranging from hair fall to hair growth, dandruff, and dull hair to thick hair. The zinc, iron, and vitamins found in coconut oil have several advantages for the well-being of our hair.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

This guide will answer all our queries and different ways of using coconut oil mask quickly and effectively. Further, for all those who are wondering if the application of coconut oil is ideal for hair and how to enjoy the best benefits of hair treatment using coconut oil, please continue reading this guide!

Is Coconut Oil Good for Hair Loss?

Many of us often wonder coconut oil good for your hair? Well, we understand that concern. The goodness of coconut oil for hair lies in a variety of vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin K, and iron, along with other minerals present in there. The oil penetrates the hair follicles and makes the hair shaft strong and healthy. It protects against several factors, such as dirt and impurities. Hence the application of hot coconut oil for hair is quite lauded for best results if used regularly in order to not only just protect from hair fall but also stimulate hair growth.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair:

There are several widespread benefits of using coconut oil for hair growth.

  • Several vitamins and useful minerals found in coconut oil are helpful for hair growth. Using the coconut oil regularly for hair regrow this a well-known tip for many who suffer from hair thinning.
  • Several scalp issues like flakiness, redness, and irritation can be effectively treated by using coconut oil for hair.
  • Lice and dandruff issues and concerns can be eliminated by using best and pure coconut oil for hair growth.
  • Suffering from dull and dry hair? Using coconut oil will help to bring back the shine and moisturise the hair well.
  • Coconut oil for hair growth treatment also contributes much to avoid hair breakage and repair any dull and damaged hair. It helps in increasing hair length effectively.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth?

Given are the several benefits of using coconut oil for hair growth; here are home remedies and recommendations on how to use coconut oil for hair growth! Given the immense benefits of using the oil for hair loss and hair growth, several simple methods can be routinely followed.

1. Coconut Lemon Mask:

The coconut and lemon hair mask is useful in treating dull hair and dandruff. Those who have hair fall and split ends along with an itchy scalp can try out this coconut oil hair fall masks. Using this regularly will help hair to retain natural oil and help promote hair growth and keep the scalp clean. The vitamins and minerals present will help hair work wonders on dull hair along with the goodness of coconut oil for reducing hair loss.


  • One teaspoon of honey.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Half a lemon.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.


  • Heat the required amount of coconut oil.
  • Add the lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey.
  • Mix well.
  • Massage well the roots and scalp.
  • Rinse it with a mild shampoo.

How Often: Twice a week for severe dandruff.

2. Coconut and Banana Mask:

Those who are suffering from dry hair and lack of moisture should try out this coconut and banana hair mask. This is also good as coconut oil for men’s hair loss masks, especially for those who suffer from damaged hair. Banana has potassium, which is suitable for hair damage and makes it shiny in texture.


  • Banana (1).
  • Coconut oil.
  • Coconut milk.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes.


  • Blend both oil and banana.
  • Add coconut milk to the mixture.
  • Add this coconut oil for hair loss and growth mix to scalp and hair.
  • Keep it for a one-hour minimum.
  • Rinse with shampoo.

How Often: Once a week

3. Onion and Coconut Oil for Hair:

The goodness of onion is not to be ignored as it helps to keep the hair soft, smooth, and non-frizzy. The onion and coconut oil for hair fall also helps to reduce hair loss and aids to work on hair regrowth. It deep cleanses the scalp from impurities and everyday pollution. This is a good mask for hair growth and thickness.


  • One onion.
  • Coconut oil as required.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes.


  • Take an onion, grate it and make juice out of it.
  • Add coconut oil and warm the mixture.
  • Once it is cool, apply it to the scalp and hair well.
  • Rinse after 2 hours.

How Often: Once a week.

4. Coconut Mask with Egg:

The egg is inbuilt with biotin and natural minerals along with vitamins, which are suitable for hair. This mask of coconut oil helps immensely for natural hair growth. Those from hair thinning concerns can try this mask out by applying on scalp areas where there is less hair. Using this mask regularly will aid with hair regrowth. This is among the best coconut oil for hair growth remedies.


  • One egg.
  • One teaspoon of honey.
  • Coconut oil.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes.


  • Whisk egg well into honey and coconut oil to make a very smooth and consistent paste.
  • Apply the mixture to the scalp and roots.
  • Let it remain for an hour or two.
  • Rinse with cold water with a good shampoo.

How Often: Once a week as per need.

Precautions: Do not wash hair in hot water when the egg is applied.

5. Coconut Oil Mix with Other Essential Oils:

There is nothing as beneficial as an oil massage for hair remedies. Further raw coconut oil for hair growth is a proven solution for several remedies. The oil is effective when used along with essential oils and reaches the hair follicles. It moisturises and gives nourishment to the hair. Here is how to do this mask at home.


  • Coconut oil.
  • Almond oil.
  • Argan oil.
  • One tablespoon of yoghurt.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes.


  • Blend all the oils well and warm it a bit.
  • Once it is cool, add yoghurt to it.
  • Keep the mixture aside for 5 minutes.
  • Apply to hair and scalp.
  • Wash after 3-4 hours.

How Often: Once in ten days.

Other Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are other plus points for different hair types upon applying coconut oil for hair loss and growth regularly.

Dry Hair: Applying coconut oil hair mask to dry hair can help to moisturise hair and nourish it for obtaining a soft and shiny texture.

Damaged Hair: Whether it is damaged hair or hair with split ends, coconut oil helps to get rid of these hair concerns effectively by providing hydration and nourishment to the hair.

Dandruff: Dandruff can cause several other hair concerns such as hair fall and dull hair. Hence, coconut oil with a lemon mask can help significantly to reduce dandruff and bring shine to the hair.

Frizzy Hair: While we all love luscious and long hair, the coconut oil hair mask will help those with frizzy hair, to tame and detangle hair. One can make hair soft and smooth with the regular application of these remedies.

Given the several benefits and masks with coconut oil for hair, make sure you try them out for the best results. The coconut oil benefits for hair are quite tremendous, and hence, they are quite beneficial to maintain healthy and voluminous hair. Let us know which mask suited you. We would love to hear from you.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair?