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Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles

Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles

Those who have a relaxed, carefree attitude towards styling, yet want to have an interesting low maintenance hairstyle, are sometimes drawn to shag hairstyles of various lengths. While this type of hairstyle was highly popular in the 70s, the hairstyle trends that promote a purposely messy look have made this hairstyle more fashionable than ever. While shag haircuts are suitable for almost every hair type, it is best to avoid this haircut if you have fine hair or, on the contrary, very thick hair.

Although those who have straight tresses are probably not going to have any difficulties sporting this hairstyle, those with curly and wavy hair should be careful if they want to adopt this type of hairstyle because their curls might tangle easier, and as a result the level of maintenance for this style might increase.

Medium shag hairstyles are often preferred by many women due to fact that they offer a reasonable degree of flexibility when it comes to styling while also being easier to care for compared to long shag hairstyles. However, the level of maintenance these hairstyles require is not determined only by the length of the hair. A crucial aspect that should be taken into account when deciding on a certain shag hairstyle is the number and the style of the layers. If you opt for a lot of layers, you will get an interesting and complex casual look, while if you opt for fewer layers, you will be able to create a sleek looking hairstyle that can be easily customized to suit a variety of occasions.

Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles

If you tend to be a little unsure when it comes to the right length for a wavy shag hairstyle or you worry whether a shag hairstyle will suit you or not, it is best to opt for a longer style at first and than make gradual adjustments as you go. If you go really short from the beginning and you are not happy with the result, you will have to wait a considerable amount of time before you can make radical changes when it comes to your hairstyle. This strategy also allows you to experiment with a lot of different styling ideas such as braiding and to weigh your options a little better. As far as the style of the layers is concerned, it is best to opt for hairstyles that are less choppy as these tend to be more suitable for wavy and curly hair.

When it comes to styling there are multiple options you can choose from. Depending on your skill and the amount of time you want to spend styling your tresses you might find various alternatives appealing. Adding highlights can instantly change our look without having to work on creating an interesting look on a daily basis. If you opt for vibrant highlights you can create an edgier hairstyle that will make you stand out. If you need a more formal hairstyle, you can easily achieve this look and get a wispy texture using a curling iron. On the other hand, if you want your shag hairstyle to look its best, you only need to make sure that you apply volumizing spray to the roots and style it accordingly using your fingers.

Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles

As it was previously mentioned, a shag hairstyle generally requires little maintenance. Washing your hair with a shampoo that has a formula specifically designed for your hair type as well as a deep conditioner and trimming your strands on every 6 to 8 weeks are the only requirements you should take into account to maintain your shaggy tresses looking gorgeous. Even if your hair is not naturally wavy, you can add a few soft layers at the bottom of the hair to create a more well defined hair style. Try a variety of styling options to be able to tap the entire potential of your new haircut.

Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles Medium Wavy Shag Hairstyles

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