Skin Care Tips for Hiking

Skin Care Tips for Hiking

Outdoor exercise might be great for your body, but it’s not always great for your skin, especially when you’re hiking. If you want to keep your skin glowing despite all the problems that can arise, pay attention to the best skin care tips for hiking.

From applying sunscreen and choosing the makeup to use to after-care for your skin after a long hike, here are the best ways to make sure you’ll enjoy the exercise and the beautiful views without having to worry about your skin.

Use Sunscreen the Right Way

Relying on makeup with SPF to provide adequate protection is a mistake, especially when you’re hiking at higher altitudes, where the sun is even more harmful to your skin. One of the best skin care tips for hiking is to cover up as much as you can, while also paying attention to areas you could easily miss when you’re applying sunscreen. Your face may be the priority, but don’t ignore the back of your legs or the skin behind your ears.

Keep Bugs Away Correctly

If you’re planning to use a bug spray, you can choose from many natural options, along with the slightly more powerful DEET. If you do go for a more toxic and efficient bug spray, make sure the DEET concentration is under 10%. Bug spray should always be the final step when you’re preparing your skin for the outdoors. Never apply it before sunscreen.

Skin Care Tips for Hiking

Avoid Scented Cosmetics

One of the best skin care tips for hiking is to avoid any scented cosmetic. Fruity fragrances can attract all kinds of insects, so don’t put anything that smell great on your body as you head outdoors. If you don’t want to use any bug repellent, you might even consider the soap and body lotion you used. Getting travel sized unscented versions of cosmetics is a must if you’re planning on making hiking a routine activity.

Go for Waterproof Makeup

Whether you’re ready to sweat or not, you will, so choose your makeup carefully. Less is definitely more when it comes to outdoor activities, where dirt can easily cling on to your skin and make you regret not packing a good makeup remover. If you do need a few touch ups, go for waterproof products. A bit of mascara should be enough, you can skip the eyeliner.

Fight the Redness

Your skin can get red even if you’re using the right sunscreen and keeping yourself covered. If you stay in the sun for hours, one of the best skin care tips for hiking is packing aloe vera gel. Other good options include cosmetics with soothing ingredients like calendula, chamomile and cucumber extract. Try to find an unscented one, since the last thing you need on reddish skin is a bug bite.

Prevent Rashes

When you’re going hiking in the hot summer weather, the risk of getting a rash after a run-in with a poisonous plants is greater than when you keep your arms and legs covered up. Even if it’s a short hike, you should pack a chemical barrier for poisonous plants to avoid the unpleasantness. Choose a lotion that’s can protect you from all the main offenders: poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Skin Care Tips for Hiking

Stay Hydrated

Your skin will thank you for proper hydration during a long hike, but staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking water or sports drinks that also replenish your electrolytes. The best way to avoid dehydration outdoors is to eat fruit and vegetables that have a high water content, anything from apples to carrots. Choosing these healthy snacks is one of the best skin care tips for hiking.

Pack Towelettes

Cleaning your skin once it gets dirty can get tricky during a hike, especially if you haven’t found any springs and don’t have any water to spare. The right way to clear excess oils along with grime from your skin is to use towelettes with powerful cleaning properties. Remember to only buy unscented towelettes for your outdoors adventure.

Exfoliate After Hiking

One of the best skin care tips for hiking comes after you’re back home, or at least out of the wild. After cleaning your face thoroughly, you should exfoliate with AHAs and get rid of dead skin cells that may still keep small particles of dirt on your skin. Apply a good moisturizing lotion after exfoliation or go for a full soothing facial if you’ve been in the sun for long.

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