Tattoo Aftercare – 9 Best Instructions To Take Care Of A New Tattoo

Now a day’s designing tattoos have become a trend, but the most important thing after the inking is to take care and undergo all the prevention and cure method so that the tattoos look as beautiful as it was being designed even after years. So it’s very important to follow the instructions of tattoo aftercare given by the artist so that you don’t face any problems after inking.

Tattoo Aftercare

9 Best Tips For Aftercare Of Tattoo:

Here we present you some top 9 steps or methods which can sure shot help you to take care of your tattoo after the process of designing is over.

1. Adhere the Instructions Given by the Artist:

First and foremost, you should listen and adhere to the instructions given by your artist so that your tattoo stays and look good the way you want. Might be a different artist have other different ways, but you should always listen to your artist methods.

2. Should Not Depart the Bandage:

After the process of designing through the artist would clean and put some antibacterial ointment or lotion and cover the area with the bandage. Do not hurry up and try to take out the cover or bandage as soon as you leave the studio or reach home. Leave the bandage for at least 4-6 hours for after tattoo care as instructed by your artist.

3. Safely Remove the Covering:

Once the stipulated time is over, do not rush to remove the bandage. First slowly and steadily dip the area in the warm water so that the bandage is not stuck to your skin and it comes out smoothly as soon it has got wet.

4. Steadily Wash the Area:

As per your artist recommendation use warm or lukewarm water and mild liquid soap like Carex, DiaGold, or Tattoo Goo  Deep cleaning Soap as per your choice. Try to use the hands gently and remove the bloodstains. Be careful and do not use a loofah or any scrubber to remove stains and don’t place the tattoo directly under the running water, try to dab water on the area with your hands.

5. Dab the Area with Soft Cloth:

Once you have neatly cleansed the area, then slowly with light hands and light, clean towel, pat the area so that the excess moisture has been soaked by a towel.  Even by mistake, don’t rub the area as it may cause some irritation. Try to keep the place open for an hour, so the area becomes fully dried.

6. Apply a Moisturizer on the Tattoo:

Once you feel the area is dried apply unscented moisturizer cream like Bepanthen or Bacitracin and ensure you apply a thin layer and slowly rub it till it has got absorbed into the skin.

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7. Ensure Daily Cleaning of Tattoo:

You should use both antibacterial soap and moisturizer until the tattoo is fully healed. Ensure you should clean the tattoo area for at least thrice a day and if your clothes are rubbing on that area, then cover the area with thin gauze or medical tape.

8. Avoid Exposure to Sunlight:

If it is not necessary do not expose the tattoo to sunlight and especially if it’s a coloured tattoo it can get faded. In case you have gone out in sunlight, then apply sunscreen lotion or cream so that it is protected from the UV rays. A lotion like Clarins Sunscreen or Riemann cream can be applied before going out in the sun.

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9. Do not itch and Have Patients:

As the tattoo dry it can cause some itching, dare not itch it directly as the ink can get removed in that area or some patched can form instead daily moisturize the area to keep it moist. You need to patient enough as the healing process takes some time depending on your design size. Just follow the instruction laid down by your artist so that the tattoo stands out the way you want. Lastly, you should visit the studio for any touch-ups is required.

Tattoos have always been considered as one of the trendy styles to convey your message and ideas without a speech involved in it. But it’s very important and mandatory to follow the aftercare tattoo instructions given by your artist so the tattoo heals properly and appears awesome the way you wanted it to look.

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