Tips to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

One of the makeup essentials for every woman is a lipstick. A lipstick not just enhances your lip color, but also protects it from dryness. Lipsticks are made of wax and are filled with color pigments. This makes them smooth and ready for application. However, this can also make things messy. Imagine drinking your favourite wine on a date night and leaving lipstick stains on the glass? Not desirable right? To deal with this problem, check out this article to know how to put lipstick for long time.

These days, many smudge proof lipsticks are available in the market, which claim to last long. However, these contain many harmful chemicals and dyes, which can be very difficult to remove on skin. When consumed internally can cause serious problems. It’s better to go with regular lipsticks and follow some practises to make it last long.

Tips To Make Lipsticks To Stay Longer:

If you are wondering how can lipstick stay longer, this guide below will tell you some ways on how you can achieve this goal.

Get Rid Of Dead Cells:

Uneven surface not only makes the lipstick look unattractive on the lips but also leads to faster fading of the color. The best that can be done is to remove the layer of dead skin cells by rubbing the lips gently with a clean and soft toothbrush. This will leave the lips soft, smooth and even.

Moisturize The Lips:

Non petroleum jelly or any natural lip balm should be used to moisturize the lips before application of the lipstick. This will prevent the lips from drying and keep the color on for a longer period of time. Make sure you do it well for best outcomes.

Remove Excess Moisture:

Excess cream or balm should be removed by a blotting paper from the lips. Large quantities of lip balm will avoid the lipstick to give proper color to the lips. This should be done in a way that some lip balm is left on the lips.

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Concealer Is Important:

A light concealer should be kept handy and used on the lips before using the lipstick. Not only does it gives a clear line to lip liner but also brings a good color from the lipstick by creating a nice base. It is known to keep the lipstick with better hold. This tip should definitely be followed for longer lasting lipstick.

Lip Primer Usage:

Instead of concealer one can also use a lip primer on the lips to help the color stay in place for longer duration’s. It goes under the lipstick, gloss and even under the liner. This also prevents feathering of the lipstick. Some people however find primer to be greasy and waxy. One of the other substitutes that can be used is a foundation. Some people might find it more comfortable than a primer.

Lip Liner Is Significant:

If you wish to know how to get lipstick to stay on longer, the answer is a lip liner. Lip liners are the same colour as the lipstick but in a creamy waxy base that helps in keeping the lipstick pigment in place and thus make it more durable. It also gives a fine outing to the lip color and makes it look neater. Make sure you use it in the right way and blend it a little on the lips. Do not keep it well defined or else it makes the lips look artificial.

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Choose Colors With Care:

Darker shades of any lipsticks will always last longer than the lighter shades. The latter has less longevity and therefore darker shades should be used if you want the lip shade to last longer. This is considered a fact for all forms of color that you use starting from reds to browns and from pinks to plums.

Long Lasting Specialized Formula:

Nowadays a lot of lipsticks are designed in such a way that they last longer. Pick such specialized formulas for your lips if you want to achieve the goal of durability. Choose a product with high levels of pigment that will make it stay longer.

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Precautionary Measures and Contraindications:

Since you are now familiar about the tips for lipstick to stay longer, check out some of the precautions you need to follow before trying to make you lipstick last long:

  • To exfoliate, always follow a gentle procedure for removing the dead cells.
  • Use natural scrubbing agents like sugar to get rid of dry skin and avoid chemicals from getting into your mouth.
  • Check the expiry date of your lipstick before application.
  • Apply the color carefully step by step, instead of a single swipe. This ensures an evenness of colour.
  • If you wish to go for glossy lips, lip gloss must be applied frequently. There is no way to make your gloss last longer.
  • The methods described above can create only matte finish lips. It can make a lipstick that stays on after eating.
  • If you are using a matte lipstick, make sure you moisturize your lips perfectly.
  • Using a lip brush can give a neat finish

Lipsticks are undeniably the best friends of every woman. IF you are in a rush to leave, applying a little lipstick can elevate your looks in no time. With a plethora of shades to choose from, it becomes quite easy to match your outfit. Lipstick stains can be difficult to get rid of. Also, its not practical to reapply your lipstick every single time, especially when you go to your workplace. These simple tips can help you make your lipstick smudge free for a very long time. We hope these methods have helped you know how to put your lipstick for long time.